PR: Gambling Federation and Mahjong Mania sign Online Mahjong Deal


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Jun 30, 1998
Gambling Federation and Mahjong Mania sign Online Mahjong Deal

June 6, 2005 - Mahjong Mania (, a trading name for gaming software developer Mahjong Systems Limited is pleased to announce a major software agreement with online casino leader, Gambling Federation. The deal will have Mahjong Mania provide its industry-leading Mahjong software to Gambling Federation for use within its online gaming suite.

Gambling Federations CEO Flaviano Fogli commented, We are very pleased to work with Mahjong Mania to increase the scope of our gaming suite. We believe that Mahjong will prove to be one of the most significant new games in the gaming industry, and we are happy to have this opportunity to pioneer Mahjong with our other international games in our software.

The mahjong software will initially be available at Gambling Federations premier licensor,

Mahjong Mania President, Adriaan Brink said, We are very pleased to integrate our Mahjong network into the Gambling Federation software. We expect their significant Asian player base to enhance our overall liquidity and the playing experience for all of our customers.

Mahjong Mania operates the only aggregate play-for-money Mahjong game on the Internet. By pooling players from all its partners and allowing them to play against one another Mahjong Mania is able to ensure optimal liquidity and player numbers.

Mahjong is arguably the most widely played game in the world. A household game in China (45% of Hong Kong residents surveyed claimed to have played at home for money) Mahjong presents enormous potential for operators of Internet casinos and sports books who seek to penetrate the difficult Asian markets. Mahjong games are also widely played in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and across Asia.

Chinese Internet penetration, currently around 95M people (still less than 10% of the population) is growing rapidly and is expected to surpass all other countries in gross numbers over the next few years.

Mahjong is a 4-player game similar to Gin Rummy. Played with a set of 144 tiles it can become very complex with some of the more advanced rule sets, although the initial implementation by Mahjong Mania has been kept simple in order to encourage play. The Mahjong Mania game can be found on (free play only) or through one of its partners such as

Mahjong Mania is in the process of being acquired by Events International Holding Corporation, a Montreal-based public company whose shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol EIH. The proposed transaction is presently going through a due diligence review and has not received final regulatory approval.

About Gambling Federation

Gambling Federation, and its divisions, focus on the development of cutting edge solutions for online casino operators, affiliates and players. With all products offered in 15 languages, an extensive development team, and one of the largest online affiliate networks, Gambling Federation is a global leader in online gaming. Custom software and online casino licenses are offered through its software division: G-FED Games. Industry leading marketing tools, 15 language support, 4 currencies and unbeatable commission rates are offered by its affiliate division: Gambling Federation Online Affiliate Program. Gambling Federation also specializes in fraud prevention, financial services and translation services. Web:

For more information please contact:
Mahjong Mania:
Adriaan Brink +1 514 448 2474

Events International:
Albert Barbusci +1 514 288 0900

GFed Games:
Flaviano Fogli +1 604 669 4988
Oh man!!!!

I have waited literally for years for this Mahjong game to be available. It's great stuff.

Why oh why did they have to partner with gambling fed? Geez!

I hope they have a very open contract and will appear other places too.

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