PR: Community Cops n Robbers launches at Sky Vegas


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Aug 2, 2010

The way that online slot players enjoy their favourite pastime has changed, with the exclusive launch of the multiplayer slot, Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers at Sky Vegas. Each week, Sky Vegas launch a number of exciting, big name games but the launch of Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers has a very different, more exciting feel to it.

Like most big name slot games, Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers is a 20 line, 5 reel slot game where players can win up to £250,000 with stakes from 1p to £25 per line. However, it is the game’s three ‘community’ bonus rounds that set it apart from its predecessors. Once triggered by a player; the ‘Cash Explosion’, ‘Hot Pursuit’ and ‘Cop the Lot’ bonus rounds allow all eligible players to pick up multipliers and cash bonuses.

“Traditionally, a stint on an online slot game is a one on one venture, with the player taking on the machine” said Edwin Martin, Head of Customer Marketing at Sky Vegas. “However, Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers promises to change that by providing the opportunity for thousands of players to join forces in the knowledge that when one player triggers the feature, everyone can share the rewards.”

“Community slots are hugely popular in the world of offline casinos and at Sky Vegas, we’re confident that in bringing them online, their popularity will continue to grow. In our commitment to providing our players with all the best games, all in one place, we are committed to introducing more community games in the very near future.”

The game also includes chat functionality; a relatively new feature for online casinos but one that has proven massively popular with Sky Vegas players in pre-launch research sessions. This addition truly turns slot play on its head, giving players a voice to talk about their once solitary experiences.

Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers is exclusively available now at
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Jun 30, 1998
Please make sure that press releases are marked as such. That way you won't be accused of spamming. Thanks! :thumbsup:


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Jun 19, 2009
Is this a new game announcement? What happened to the New Game announcement section? Haven't seen it for awhile.
Just curious.