PR: Affiliate Series of Poker Registrations Now Open


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Affiliate Series of Poker Registrations Now Open

Organisers of CAP Euro announce the heavily anticipated ASOP open for registration at

August 6, 2007 (London, UK) - Following a very exciting ASOP in the Bahamas where Ace Jones from took first place, affiliates have been biting at the bit to get their hands on an ASOP bracelet of their own, and now just a few months on they have their chance.

The ASOP started in January at CAP Euro in London where Astronaut of became the first winner. The event itself is a poker tournament specifically for affiliates where the prize pool adds up to an impressive $22,000 plus importantly for the winner a gold bracelet complete with 140 diamonds, and if that doesnt get you attention at the tables nothing will.

The best news is that it is completely free to enter the online qualifying tournaments you just have to be an affiliate and be attending CAP Euro in Barcelona to fight it out with the other 36 qualifiers. Dont worry if you have never played poker before, because you can do all your learning in the online qualifiers as the organisers have a total of eight tournaments in which you can qualify through so there are plenty of opportunities to get a seat. However, you still need to get through the previous two champions who both are out to win a second bracelet for the other wrist.

Astronaut said: If you are planning to participate, be warned - I won the first ASOP and now I aim to become the first two time winner!"

I won't go down without a fight in defending my championship! Ace Jones commented.

Whether you are a card shark or a minnow there is no excuse not to take part in this event you have seen the stars on TV, now it's your turn to be the winner, and let our community know you are the best, or just dam lucky. Simply go to for more information or to sign up.

This event wouldn't happen if we didn't get sponsorship so a big thank you to Aff Club (Royal Flush Sponsor) and Affiliate Web Attractions (Straight Flush Sponsor) for sponsoring the tournament.


About CAP Euro

CAP Euro is a three-day event organized by iGaming Business and specifically designed to bring together the top affiliate minds in the internet gaming industry through intense networking and education. The event takes place directly after EIG on the 4th - 7th October 2007 Further information can be found at

About ASOP

The Affiliate Series of Poker is a series of tournaments for approved affiliates attending CAP events They are strictly not open to the public and cost nothing to enter. The ASOP is out there to make champions!

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