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Jun 30, 1998
August 8, 2006 Kahnawake, Canada The management of the Jackpot Factory Group was informed yesterday by the Compliance Committee of eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) that the suspension of its "Play It Safe" seals is to be lifted with immediate effect. This follows a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding an unacceptable search engine optimization campaign in which Jackpot Factory contractors were involved.

The group will be the subject of increased monitoring by eCOGRA to ensure that compliance with new content guidelines, developed with the assistance of eCOGRA and their independent auditors, is maintained.

We have on two occasions expressed our regret at this incident, and our apologies that the campaign was not picked up by our marketing control system before it was released onto the Internet. Those employees responsible for this lapse have been disciplined. With the aid of eCOGRA advisers we have now introduced system improvements that will prevent a recurrence of this much regretted incident.

We would like to emphasize that at no time was there ever any intention of targeting vulnerable audiences with this material on the part of Jackpot Factory management. We are pleased that the findings of the Compliance Committee confirm this is their view as well.

Fortunately, there is no evidence to show that any individual or group of individuals were harmed or persuaded to indulge in potentially harmful behavior by the campaign. We believe we reacted timeously and energetically in removing the offending material as quickly as possible under the circumstances. We have cooperated fully with the eCOGRA investigation and the application of remedial measures.

Jackpot Factory is satisfied that it has received fair and professional treatment from the Compliance Committee in this matter.

Company staff has learned hard but positive lessons. We are committed to ensuring that this unacceptable practice will not reoccur. We are now determined to move forward and recover our formerly solid reputation as a tier one, eCOGRA-approved online gambling group and proud holder of the "Play It Safe" seal.

As a gesture of good faith and in view of the fact that we have let down many within the player community, we have decided to make a voluntary donation of $25,000 to GamCare. We hope this, together with the other actions outlined above, will go some way towards making amends for this unfortunate matter.

About the Jackpot Factory Group

With over $4 billion in payouts since its launch, the Jackpot Factory Group ( is a leading online casino group. Using Microgaming technology, the Jackpot Factory Group offers the largest and latest selection of games and prides itself on customer support, fast payouts, and honest play. Members include: All Slots Casino (, All Jackpots Casino (, First Web Casino (, and Wild Jack Gaming ( a gaming portal featuring casino, poker, and mobile casino. For more information, please visit us at

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Mar 10, 2005
Glad to hear about the donation :thumbsup:

On a side note, I guess the goats are safe for another night while you're not at the mountains. :p


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Heh, heh - now the goats need a holiday!

But on a serious note that $25 000 donation is a good move in line with player demands when this incident was going hammer and tongs awhile back.

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In my opinion,...

I just wouldnt be so interested in the gummy bear seal...

But, what ever satisfies their cravings...

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