PR: 32Red acquires Go Wild Casino's UK customers


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Jun 3, 2011
The only thing i remember about go wild was there great promos like deposit 100 and get 20 free spins worth a total of $2
mabye 32 red will fix that

Have to disagree, thought their promos were pretty poor most of the time, I'd get the odd 300% DB because I hadn't played there for a while which I'd use though.

Regarding my GW account that's been moved over to 32Red, as I already have an account at 32Red, does this mean I am multi-accounting?

Can I ask for it to be closed?

Can see this being confusing for some players that are in the same position, receiving emails telling them they can get a 320% bonus on their first deposit on the account that's been shifted over, when they already have an account.


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Jan 17, 2013
Logged in with my gowild details, deposited £25 (my daily deposit limit at gowild) lost it, tried loggng back n a few hours ater to see if the £10 free bonus was available, account locked..... I had self excluded from 32red around 4-5 years ago and never reopened it... told live support.. they said it will be reviewed by a manager... 3 days and still no news, been asking live chat every day... :(
Sucks a bit cuz i wanna see if 32red really pay winnings as fast as everyone says..

I'd be interested on the outcome of this as I am submitting some stuff on self exclusion to the UKGC consultation and there is a chunk of it on self exclusion, I think there needs to be a way to appeal sel exclusions if done in error, under pressure, by others pretending to be you or a long time ago now that they are having an all UK operators scheme with a lot more oomph. I already have a Stars self excluded player whose account got booted when they took over Full Tilt which is similar to this.

Trouble is they have a social responsibility obligation to meet by excluding people but takeovers or the new scheme can magnify/alter what the person wanted when self excluding from one site. privately by notification if you prefer but I am v interested in how this plays out for you.


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May 22, 2013
Where do we as player stand with regards to features we had build up in slots at GoWild??? I mean I know all slots are random. BUT slot like Avalon 2 and other slots where you have wagered a lot and done some achievements surely you will lose something on this?.

Also worth to mention the Untamed series. How about all the achievements now as they have just been lost? :mad: :(

I also need to choose to abandon my old 32red account opened way back when 32red casino opened up. I will then lose everything archived. Can someone someone please tell me 100% surely that on slot Battlestar Galatica I have played most actually almost archived highest rank there. Is there no advantage at all having played so many spins? and all these paytables on newer slots where you can get achievements. Is it just all eye candy?

Also now when I am at it. What if as a player at Microgaming Casino. I might have forgotten some features I had triggered. Also just lost. But how about at Casinos where i already play. Is there not any way to check in an easy way? Could I contact support at lets say 32red and they can see this?

Sorry everything above written very hasty. So poorly worded i guess hope it makes sense hehe.

I played on my new account (gowild transfer) last night, and it appears that all the 'acheivements' for IR TSII etc, from gowild have been transfered


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Nov 24, 2008
I played on my new account (gowild transfer) last night, and it appears that all the 'acheivements' for IR TSII etc, from gowild have been transfered

Thanks so you mean achievements from your original 32red account has been transferred?? Or just achievements you had at GoWild? as that would not be usable :)

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Oct 3, 2010
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well dont know if Gowild is getting short of Clients because of all this,
but for the first sicne i signed up there when it opend i got a call from them today, asking where i have been :) and i why im not playing there anymore
so i told them because im getting better offers elsewere, so he asked me if i could wait 2 mintues while he looks at my account to see what he could do
and then he came back with a 50% offer and 10% cashback next week hmm, already got a feww 100% offers in my emails that im goa take up when i get a day off :)
also told them so many places are paying out within 2 hours now, and that was also a factor, then he says his gona see if he can make an exeption for me when i withdraw :)
so not sure how good off a welcome back offer it is :) but still might give it go if not for the 2 hour withdrawal he was gona give me:cool:


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Aug 25, 2004
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well dont know if Gowild is getting short of Clients because of all this...
Obviously all affiliates will have different splits, but for me 63% of all the players I referred to Go Wild were from the UK.
If that WAS the case for all their players, their customer base would have just been cut to about 1/3 :eek2:
I guess they (and all the other MG casinos) must have a VERY good reason for not getting licensed, because it must be going to have a pretty big impact on all of them.