PPN, G2G, Rosso Poker Rooms


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Jul 13, 2002
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I have a questions about several poker rooms. Does anyone have any information about the Merge poker sites? Was it true that Rosso stole players from G2G? Is the new G2G poker site a reputable site to deposit and cash out now that they have a casino?

I would appreciate any info, thanks.


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Jun 29, 2007
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What is it that you want to know about the Merge sites ? They are my favorite to play at by the way and they do pay when you need a cashout but they are a little slow with the cashouts at least to us Americans.As far as G2G after they left Merge i never even looked them up again so i couldn't answer that one for you, sorry


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Oct 1, 2008
You might want to check more about specific sites on 2+2 if others have withdrawal issues. From what I`ve learned so far, I would be careful when depositing on smaller Merge skins and I have done a little research because I wanted to make RB account with one of them and I didnt like what I saw so in the end I didnt open new RB account on some smaller skins, tried one of the smaller which seemed at least average at the time but answers I received from their support prior to deposit were not normal, in fact they were similar to rogue casino emails trying to get deposit from you.

No matter what I asked support, although around 8 emails we exchanged were all about 3 questions which I asked in the first email, somehow they never forgot to mention how it would be best for me to make a deposit. I explicitly said that I wont be making a deposit until I get answers to my questions and this went on till I finally gave up on them, still didnt get the answers I needed after 8 emails.

I`ve made a complaint to Merge about the sites behavior and to affiliate too. Dont know what Merge did about them but affiliate site through which I made an account, this affiliate is one of the RB affiliates promoted on 2+2, removed their offer for site in question soon after, a week or so.

All in all, if you see lots of players trying to speed up their cashout and site rep on 2+2 must do this for them often, I would advise stay away.

First hand experience from PlayersOnly and Carbon is that they do pay and at the moment these cashouts are fast, less than 48h to Moneybookers. There were cashout issues mainly because their processor or manager got arrested in US and certain amount of funds were seized, because stupid gambling laws in US. BUT they didnt hide it, in fact Carbon published this news on their site, :thumbsup: for honesty. For me sad thing is that I dont have RB account with neither of them and in the end I didnt open RB account on Merge, trying to change one of my existing accounts to RB but no hopes for that happening.