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Apr 15, 2004
My recent feedback to eCOGRA, referring "timestamp":

After 8 emails (4 from eCOGRA, 4 from me), this was latest email:
Hi x,

I've had feedback from some of the eCOGRA operators regarding your suggestion, and so far they all think it is a great idea. So hopefully this will be approved at our next board meeting at the end of May. Many thanks for your contribution.



Basically, i refer to EULA-standards:

...when i see that timestamp, i don't need to read terms everytime or at all. I only need to check timestamp
And if there is new timestamp, then i read "new terms"...


49er casino:

After talking with them - via chat - and admit that they are only group (referring: Peak Ent.) in this industry, who have this bonus limitations for Finnish players. I got email few days later:

Hello There,

My name is X and I'm the Customer Care Supervisor here at 49ers Casino.

I have reviewed your Live Chat session in which you were informed that your country Finland was blocked from receiving our bonus offers.

The good news is, that after careful consideration, management has decided to allow Finland players to receive our bonus offers.

This means that you are free to "request your bonus code" then make your first deposit and you will be credited with the bonus.
Be sure to take a look at all the exciting bonus offers that you can take advantage of every month:
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Also be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions of each offer.

Looking forward to seeing you at the ALL NEW 49er Casino very soon.

All my best,

Customer Care Supervisor
[email protected]
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