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Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
May 29, 2004
I'm sure the Meister won't mind me stickying this but just thought I'd say something to posters and readers of this forum

We understand you may feel that you have a complaint against a casino quite possibly for legitimate reasons. However, please think carefully how you title your thread and bear in mind:

a) it's the Meister's forum and he is ultimately reflected by what you say
b) think of how a thread title is going to reflect on yourself
c) everyone will see a thread title without necessarily seeing the reasoning
d) slanderous comments could attract unwanted attention
e) the wrong turn of phrase can have a negative effect on the resolution of a dispute

Therefore i would suggest that you keep personal "key words" reflecting your opinion and/or mood to within the post and out of the thread title. For example, words like "stealing", "thieves", "stinks", "rogue" etc are not appropriate for titles.

[Link Outdated / Removed]

If you are new to this, please bear in mind that the title of a thread is not necessarily an accurate reflection on a casino, and that thread titles do sometimes reflect a personal opinion.


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