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Nov 29, 2001
I recently asked golden riviera to consider paying winnings via paypal. They only do ACH transfers over $500, and their checks take too long. Their stated policy was to limit paypal payments to original paypal purchases, but I figured, what the hell, give it a shot. This was their reply:

Dear ,

We would like to know if you would prefer us to send you your winnings of $125.00 via paypal. This would be much quicker than a cheque or wire, as you would be able to receive your winnings the same day.

If you do not have a paypal account and would like to sign up one just visit www.paypal.com and sign up today!

If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Accounts Department
Golden Riviera Casino "For Sophisticated Online Gambling"

They have good ongoing promotions and I've had good luck there. Also, no bullshit about proving who I am by faxing credit card statements, utility bills, foreskin imprints, etc.
kudos to the golden riviera from myself also. i won $6500 and the amount to paypal was almost instant. the rest of the money was a little slow to be sent to my bank but it got there. and the promos are great and they also sent a nice gift package to the house. it is one of my favorite casinos to play. rowdy51
Golden Riviera is on the OPA's "Not Recommended" list because management posted player banking information on a public message board. This was an astonishing level of cluelessness and lack of business sense.

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