Portomaso Casino


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They charge only from wire transfers, you should withdraw with credit card.


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I would also like to add that their T&C state that, "At any time, a Player can decide to withdraw part or all of his funds from his account by selecting amongst the various options made available by Glimmer. Depending on the currency, frequency of requests and on the chosen withdrawal option, certain transaction fees may apply. Glimmer will inform the Players about the exact amount of these fees before the transaction takes place."

Glimmer certainly did NOT inform me that the transaction fees were going to be 50.

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I heard last week that they offer 10 free after registering and was going to register but i thought its better to ask before registering so i send them email to info@portomasolive.com.

I got answer saying (from info@portomasolive.com )
"Dear xxxxxxx, Thank you for your email. Kindly note that the bonus can be claimed after you make your first deposit. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further enquiries. Best Regards, Portomaso Casino Support Team
www.portomasolive.com "

I wasn't suprised about that answer because i didn't find anything about that promotion when i googled it.What suprised me was that about 10 minutes later i got email (to another address) from info@portomasocasino.com saying

"Register now and get 10!!!. Simply email support(support@portomasocasino.com) after you register and the 10 are yours. :eek2:

Well,i registered and sent email and because i didn't get any answer i forwarded that promotional email to their support and asked "Is this offer valid or why are you sending these?" but still haven't receive any answer.


Hi Cryptic,

Portomaso casino is a land casino based in Malta, near the Hilton complex, they must have launched a casino separately online - have not heard of the online side whilst I was in Malta up to 6 weeks ago.




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Not sure who powers the live dealer action, but the RNG casino is from Net Entertainment.

Looks as if the operator (who has an LGA licence) is a company called Glimmer Limited, perhaps in a business arrangement with Portomaso land casino owners or a subsidiary of that company.

BTW - NetEnt announced this deal at the end of 2007!