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Nov 19, 2002
I can't believe it. I just received an email from Portofino Casino's management that says they made a mistake in denying me my aproximately $400 in winnings. They made good and the money is in my Neteller already.

I posted the details a couple days ago here. It was a misunderstanding on my part where I should not have combined the $10 bonus with the 100% match bonus.

They are Real Time Gaming and my heart sunk when I first heard I wasn't getting my winnings. I thought it was a lost cause. But this has made me very happy. Portofino's management said that they deal with abuse all the time and that in my case it looked like an honest mistake (which it was) and they had changed their mind about paying me.

All's well that ends well. Not only did they pay me my winnings but I even got the 100% bonus. GREAT! Thankyou!
nice to hear you got payed. see the other thread about portofino/hamptons where i outline what happend to me. They owe me $100 and gave me many different lines ("combinining the coupons" followed by "negative database").

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