Pornhub Launch Online Casino; Takes Live Dealer Action To An All-New Level


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Nov 25, 2015
Riga, Latvia
The world’s most viewed porn site Pornhub has launched an online casino taking the world of live dealers to a whole new level.

Suffering from insomnia I went to see my doctor.

“What’s the problem?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I am tossing and turning all night.”

“Why don’t you try tossing and tossing.” He said.

The loss of seminal fluids makes one fall to sleep. Ask the Taoists. Ask my wife.

So when it comes to the stickability of a website (pardon the pun) had a bit of a problem. How do you keep the young men online for longer than two minutes per session?’s vice president, Corey Price, believes he has found the answer. He has launched Pornhub Casino. So now the young men who visit his site can do their nuts in more ways than one.

When you think about it the two go together like cheese and onion. When online casinos first launched Live Dealer games I used to think, ‘what’s the point?’ take this genre to a whole new level. The croupiers are based in Costa Rica, and if you type nicely into the chat box they may even show you some mammary glands. Porn stars Monique Alexander and Dani Daniels have also pitched in with a few shifts to get the site off the ground.

The site also has a very interesting Strip Poker game. Participants need to have a webcam. They can compete in ‘public’ or ‘friends’ games, and you can use your imagination as to how the action will eventually play out. The whole site is decked out in titillating teases, including shots of porn movie action when you win on the slot machines.

According to the last records of Alexa Ranking, taken in August 2015, is the 67th most viewed website in the world; that’s more viewers than, ESPN and CNN.

If you ever wondered what the demographic was of porn users then perhaps these two tidbits will give you a helping hand. The newest trend in Pornhub searches is for Minecraft Porn. Yes, gamers are creating pixelated penises and are bringing a whole new definition to the term ‘drilling’. 85% of Minecraft searches on are males aged 18-24.

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It is really something new in gambling business. :)
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