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I have VIP status at Gala Casino and receive a weekly cashback deal on my losses as part of that. At my level this is 10% and has no limit. Sounds great doesnt it? Except it isnt. If I lose 10,000 and receive 1000 cashback the following week I immediately start the following week 1000 up and in order to receive the same level of cashback I need to lose the 1000 plus another 10,000. Gala say the cashback is a bonus and doesnt count for cashback purposes but in reality it does if you win but not if you lose. I could just about stomach this if it werent for the fact that if whilst converting this to withdrawable status (it has a 1x wagering attached to it) I happen to make any money with it this also counts against me!

If I lose it it doesnt count, if I win then it counts, if I neither win nor lose it counts. I dont think its very fair to have multiple applications that all favour the casino. It is after all a cashback payment meaning Ive lost money to receive it. Its my view that it should simply not be considered in any calculations and in its present condition it is not fairly described by Gala when they refer to it as 10% cashback per week.

I pmed the Gala rep Davina but received a message saying she no longer accepts pms.



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Without commenting on the bonus issue in question, I have to say: I don't like Gala. I was a VIP there once and was treated shabbily for something or another, so closed my account and never came back.

The reply you received alone about not receiving PMs says it all really - what kind of CS is that!!!? Do yourself a favour and take your business elsewhere, where it is valued and appreciated. This sounds terrible. And let Davina know that it is the terms and conditions of this website that you are obligated to PM her if posting about the casino she represents, so you were only doing what is asked of you as a forum member.



Banned User - Multiple banned forum accounts
They seem to be an awful casino that plays fast and loose with its terms. Why are they accredited? I'm retired and frequently have documentation requests presumably due to my age. Gala threatened me that they would void my winnings if they could not verify me but would not refund me if I lost even if the fault was theirs. I only play there now due to the cashback which is less and less appealing.

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