Poll: How Closely do you track your online gambling?

How closely do you track your online gambling?

  • I keep track of every penny and all the associated fees

    Votes: 8 23.5%
  • I have a rough idea of how much I've won/lost

    Votes: 18 52.9%
  • Don't ask, I'd hate to think about it

    Votes: 8 23.5%

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Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
I have to confess that I don't track mine all that closely. When you count fees for my prepaid card, fees for MB (modest), foreign exchange rates, and fees for incoming wires, I couldn't give you an accurate percentage payback on my actual (largely) slot pay. I know I'm up this year, quite a bit actually, but a lot of that went to B&M visits. A win at the B&M will fund some online play too.


Dormant account
Apr 4, 2008
In my 8 or so years of online gambling I have never kept track of wins or losses or payback of any kind. When I first started I thought I would get really organized and track it casino by casino, but as I got hooked and started playing at 10 then 20 then 50 or so online casinos I just said screw it.

If I actually did keep stats im sure I would be in for a serious wake up call:eek:


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Oct 11, 2008
The only thing i keep track of are the bigger wins, the ones where you say damn that was alot. Never track loses though, i figure if i have to then I can't afford to be playing.


New World Order
Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
I only started tracking wins losses this year. And the past month since I cut away a stack of casinos that I dont deposit at anymore its easier to track wins/ losses. I play at the most 5 casinos now and do check a few times per month all deposits and withdraws. MG casinos are the best in my view with the transaction view to see exactly where you are. This month for example I am up :)


Dormant account
Apr 9, 2006
I voted for "I have a rough idea of how much I've won/lost".

I would love to be keep detailed stats and logs of every result, but this for me would just become too time consuming.

All I do is keep one single spreadsheet and record my monthly figures.
The casino I played at, how much deposited during that month, whether up or down and by how much. Finally a combined total for all figures that month.

By using a calendar month as a benchmark of how well or not so well, im doing in each casino, it is easy to annalyse. Also I can work out the best way to distribute my deposits for the next month.

I don't set targets as such, but do try and aim for the magic 12/12 ie up on every month of the year. (Obviously this is only magic if the monthly winning months are cancelling out the losing months)! For the record it is 7/11 winning this year. So December will tilt the balance either way for me!



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Jun 29, 2009
I voted for "rough idea", although I keep an exact track of my won, lost and pushed hands in blackjack (which is almost the only thing I play) per casino. So, I do know exactly what I won or lost at the casinos, but I don't keep track at all on fees, which might well eat up 7.5% of winnings.

Example: Playing with my Neteller USD account at an EUR casino gives 2.5% loss at withdrawal from the casino to Neteller for changing EUR to USD, then another 2.5% for exchanging USD back to EUR when bankwiring from Neteller to my bank account and then to keep my bank happy too another 2.5% for them changing EUR to CHF. Of course I could minimize this by having the casinos do direct bankwires to my bank account but I'm simply too lazy to take that extra effort compared to the hazzlefree way running it through Neteller :)


Ueber Meister
Aug 28, 2009
Right here
Professional gamblers advise keeping track of every penny, which I do. I don't always like to LOOK at those records, but I keep them. In case, for example, I were to get audited or if I needed to document my income (or outgo as the case may be, lol).


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Aug 2, 2007
Port St lucie Florida
I have a gambling budget - I voted I keep track - its not hard to keep track of the deposits and withdrawals are easier - I haven't had one in a long time.:mad:

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Mar 11, 2009
New York
I keep a record on Excel for all gambling online (poker/casinos), B&M's, local poker clubs. Everything except lottery tickets which couldn't be more then $500.00 dollars a year. There are so many big games 2 or 3 times a week here in N.Y. I'm not really sure what goes on. I'll be in a store and see a big drawing for lottery that night and randomly buy $10.00 dollars worth here and there.

When going to AC I'll do a complete count of all cash that I'm leaving the house with. When I get home I do another count and enter the results. If driving or flying the count would also include gas, tolls, tips, etc., considering this is all part of the expense. Of course any charges on credit cards would also be included.

Online cash outs are not entered on records till funds are actually in hand. The day the funds hit my bank is the day it gets entered. Wire fees, loading fees, etc., are also included rounded to the dollar.

You would think with my experience as a gambler I would have more control. Entering my older years (57) I've no doubt toned it down by about 75%, but still lack control when it's most needed. I recently had a $4500.00 cash out, of which $2500.00 is being sent to wired plastic. After reading the threads with issues over $2500.00 I didn't want to chance anything more. Unfortunately the remaining $2000.00 is down to $400.00 dollars. I didn't actually touch the 2k still sitting in Q.T. but made fresh deposits thinking I would have more control depositing fresh cash rather then just clicking the mouse. It's not working...

Overall this year which includes some decent cash outs from online casinos, online poker, and live play I'm a negative $13,371.00 dollars. I still don't have any of the money from recent cash out in hand, so this number should come down a little. Of course I could turn into a full blown asshole with 4 weeks to recover and make matters worse. But, after typing this thread for some reason I got a good feeling I might just in fact slow down, considering I'm almost 4k over my planned allowance for my asshole fund.

In addition to the above facts, live poker showed a small profit of $2310.00 dollars (expenses included) when compared to losing $5115.00 online bringing my overall poker loses to a negative $2805.00. Unable to accurately break down live casino table and slot play, I'm sure it's minimal considering most of my live casino visits were geared for poker tournaments. Maybe 1k or 2k throughout the year while drifting. So actually live play of all types showed a couple of hundred dollars profit, but also a lot of fun, food, a couple of shows, and drinks. So it would be safe to say that all my loses were accumulated playing online along with sitting and expanding my fat ass.
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May 4, 2006
I use a separate bank account for online gambling so I know exactly how much I spend :)(). The currency exchange fees are small as I rarely deposit in USD.

Then again B&M spending I dont keep that good track of, just some rough estimates. I can have quite much cash at home from time to time which never "reaches" my bank account.

So I voted "I have a rough idea of how much I've won/lost".