Pokerworld Proudly Announces Cashout Fees


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Pokerworld will charge you $15 when you cashout unless.....

1) Previous deposits were made through NETeller
2) No withdrawal of any type has been made in the previous 14 days.
3) The account has been open and active for the last 30 days

What crap. Its is not like they have the tables booming either and can get away with it. This makes that 2% Citypoker charged seem like nothing. This is one of the least popular rooms on the net for many reasons.

Of course you can not cash out when you want or wait 30 days after your original deposit but no other room has these ridiculous restrictions. They once had these same rules and dumped them. The bonus and game selection at this place sucks, no excuse for them to punish people who try them out into making them wait 30 days to cash out or pay $15 to get their money back. What does open AND active mean anyway? You played 1 day, ,hated their software/bonus/game selection or whatever and did not play the next 29 days it sounds like they could still charge you this.

Shame on you Pokerworld.
On their cashout page it now states Firepay is only a $5 fee if the conditions are not met.

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3) The account has been open and active for the last 30 days

This is what would bug me the most. What if you only played 1 day and didnt like the site or there were very few or no games (very low volume room) and parked the money for 29 days to avoid the cashout fee. Would they still charge you because it was open but not active?

I really hate the concept of a cashout fee. They are owned by a sportsbook and cashout fees are more and more the norm there although I do not know of any other rooms owned by sports books that charge this. I guess every other room finds the rake is meant to pay for costs involved with the processor.

It was also my understanding Neteller does not charge large merchants for cashouts. Even if they are paying the fee to Neteller for cash out could it really be $15? Of course not unless the cashout was large.

OK I'm done, I promise. This practice becoming the industry standard would be very bad so I wanted to get the word out. :D

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