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Apr 4, 2004
Anyone have any experience with these guys? Just trying to put a friendly game together with some of my friends. Thanks.

From Casinomeister News last week: This is a well presented, interesting poker room offering a good range of games, tournaments and tables powered by proprietary software according to manager Jim Silvers. The financial options include PPATM, Neteller Instacash and Firepay and there is full 24/7 Support. The owners, Horizon 20 SA group out of Costa Rica have been around since 2000 and operate a range of betting exchanges and sportsbooks like,,,, and A 25 percent signup is offered.
I joined Pokertropolis today and tried it out.

The rake is typical $.25/$5 for low limit up to 1/2 2/4+ is $1/$20 up to 10/20 limit NL and PL is not as great at 5 cents per $1.

They offer $.75/$1.50 holdem, a limit I have never seen before and it seemed popular there.

In my opinion there were a few software issues. First they have advanced action buttons so you can hit fold and get up and have it fold for you on your turn like all rooms have but the buttons that pop up on your turn are in opposite order, what a terrible idea that can easily lead to wrong buttons clicked.

No note file and no stats and chat inerface is bad. Choices are dealer normal or dealer everything both flood and if you turn it off you dont see how big pots are or what won. If you scroll back it is hard to catch up with all the dealer flooding.

Another issue is that it timed me out several times and many players lagged bad. When it deals you out it punishes you and doesnt not deal you in again until the blind gets back to you no matter when you uncheck the sit out box.

The games are ultra tight. An 8 handed 1/2 game has a 31% flop a 10 handed one says 30% 8 handed 2/4 says 31% and a full 5/10 says 27%.

No matter how tight these games are big blinds call raises no matter what they have. I have had some bad beats with runner runner idiot chases from players who i otherwise thought played tight.

I would say it is best for most to avoid these extra tight 2/4+ games and play 1/2 or lower the games seem beatable by an average player.

They offer a 25% frist deposit bonus and private tables and tourneys. When I get my cashout I will post the length of time.
Cashout was only around 10 hours. You can transfer money instantly through live chat to the sportsbook and casino but I could not get the casino to work. I kept getting script errors and l called their supprt and they said thats a common error but they didnt know how to fix it.
After discussions on Pokertropolis by others reviewing it there seems to be a consensus. Pokertropolis uses bots.

When I played here I had some concerns about whether bots were used but did not include that in my review since it would sound like a "This is rigged" even though I cashed out a winner.

Noone talked, games were extra tight, bots/players would make a raise before the flop but fold if I 3 bet. I had never seen this before but saw this several times at Pokertropolis. I would try to talk to the player after that hand and nothing. Another oddity I found is there were virtually the same number of players on no matter what time of day. Another is that there is no such thing as a short game there. One time I sat at an empty and the table filled out of nowhere while 3 other tables of this limit ran full. Another oddity is that anytime Pokertropolis comes up at RGP or the zoo noone has heard of them, much less played there. How do they have so many players there if 2+2 and RGP do not know who they are? This is a large chunk of the poker population. Also I went through all 18 tables of 50 cent + tables and not a single person was playing 2 tables. This is impossible. Many players play 2 tables, out of the highest 200 or so players not a single one is in 2 games?

I do not think these bots cheat. I think they are programmed to play a certain way. I am sure there is a way to exploit that. Like I said I won, I bluffed, I had winnings hands called down so fairness is not an issue but playing with bots is. Maybe I am wrong. feels the same way as well as others, here is their take.

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