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Jun 27, 2006
Anyone got any news on pokertropolis? I can't find much recent info on them in any of the forums. The old threads are not too positive.
I was checking out bombshellpoker, which seems interesting from a guys perspective, and found out that its the same group as pokertropolis. So I am a bit skeptical about trying them out. Bombshellpoker is a very different pokerroom, with a different aproach to what it is possible to win :)... but interesting.;)
If you search here, 2+2 or BW you will find that many players, especially long time online players, are of the opinion that Pokertropolis uses house bots. I am one of those that feel the games there are not playd by humans. Too many plays that dont make sense like a player raises preflop, you raise him back and he folds before seeing the flop for that one bet into a 3:1-5:1 pot odd situation.

Another thought is that there are many players there at all hours of the day, the volume doesnt change much at any given time of the day or at least did not back when I did some investigating. There is also very little chat.

The alleged bots dont appear to cheat though. Its been a while since I peaked in there but there are so many other rooms that do not have the endless allegations of bots to try there really isnt a reason to take the chance.

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