POKERTIME Locked my account need help


Dormant account
Jul 26, 2006
Toronto Canada
Yes i seen that announcement. I suspect there are issues.

I regret to say this. but I am having an issue with Fortune Affiliates who promote Poker Time. I have been trying to clarify it and have it resolved.

Unfortunately after several weeks, its still not resolved, and I am getting rather frustrated by it.

You know there is issues when both players and affiliates have problems. In my case my stats are incorrect, and I am being deducted for bonuses while not receiving rake for these players. 90 percent of my players who get bonuses and i am deducted for them , are not generating even a penny in rake!

So of course I am concerned, and have been told they have in fact played through bonus, but no word on why i have not seen this activity.

When a player plays these bonuses rake is still generated, so I am really concerned by this.

I have spend hour after hour trying to figure it out, and its still in discussion stages, so i really hope the right thing is done.

With these changes now i am not sure how it will turn out. But i would hope for integrity and honesty purposes they correct the error, and correct those stats or rebate back for deductions.

They had system wide issues a while back in April, and apparently i was the only affiliate who saw this, and they were working on correcting it.

I would hate to see how many affiliates are in fact affected by this, and how much money may have been lost. Something hopefully will get done.



Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
FWIW, Steve's issue was presented to us via PAB. The casino provided us with enough evidence for us to conclude that their action against the player was justified. Steve was notified ... and hasn't been seen here since.