pokerstars's new rake structure

Pokerstars rake system is pretty friendly. But they are pretty greedy though, the 48 hour rule on deposits is killer. :eek2:
how does it works?

What is that rule? that from the time of your deposit you can't witdrawal until 48 hours have passed?

If this is the rule, it might be good for thousands of credit card and firepay customers since most sites have rules such: Credit card and Firepay depositors must wait 6 business days from their last deposit before cashing out...
They say you cant withdraw until 48 hours after your deposit. They say its like to make the deposits clear which I know is a lie. :)
They would be doing this as a fraud prevention measure. No site ever wants to do anything that will annoy players, but sometimes it is necessary in order to protect the business.

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