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Dec 17, 2015
So, I'm a lowroller playing on Pokerstars Casino for the last few years. I've had one cashout of 500$ in those 3 or 4 years, and maybe 4 or 5 cashouts not bigger than 100$. I've deposited more than 200 times, while the average deposit was atleast 35$. So I'm down atleast 6 or 7k there. It might not seem like a large amount but I'm living in Croatia and earning 800$ a month.

I've never gotten a deposit bonus from them, except for the maybe one or two yearly bonuses that they give to all players. So no special deposit bonuses for me. 95% of my bonuses end up in 5 minutes, and I'm not the guy that is tilting and betting half balance on spins, I play steadily but just never win anything significant. They ocasionally give me instant bonuses for casino. Those are usually 10$ and I get them after every 300$ spent there. Doesn't seem like a fair compensation at all.

All that aside, I was playing some 5 days ago and obviously losing on every game.Tried 4 games,havent gotten a single bonus and lost about 60$ on 20c and 30c bets. I tried playing Genie Jackpots game. After I've lost 10$ on the game, I got something called Jackpot Kings feature. I assume that feature brings the possibility of winning the jackpot on this game. And after I got it,the game froze. A black screen appeared and I couldn't click on anything .I tried refreshing and the black screen was still there. I tried contacting support, they told me to clear cache. I did that and still nothing. Then they told me they will create an urgent case for an expert to look into it. They said it wouldnt take longer than 24 hours to solve it and that I will get a reply via e-mail.

72 hours later, still no reply and no news about the case. I know I'm probably gonna end up with 2$ feature but still it's so frustrating to see that they behave like this to me after all the money I've lost. Do you think that this is how a casino should behave to its customers,especially after the amount of money I've lost?

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Hello Metmen,

If they said it need´s not longer than 24h,u can easy go to the Support again and ask what happens now

About the Bonus offers i can tell u a little bit more.Generally is Pokerstars like the name sounds a poker website.Casino offers are not so big than other Promotions there.Maybe its also because u are from Croatia.Some Countries are much more intresting for Casinos..

I checked my Account there right now and i have this Promotion called "FRENZY"
Bonus can be claimed 6 times i a row with every 50$ Deposit.U get freespins for some Jackpot Game.

And another positiv Information about Pokerstars is,that the Support staff there can be really nice.2 times in a year ( Eastern & Christmas) i go to the live support and ask for my Casino Bonus.1 Week ago,i got 100$ for the Casino with the option,if i got no Win with it to come again and claim another 50-100$.And my Deposit are not big on Pokerstars.(750€+ last month)
This is 1 of 2 Casino´s where i call support to claim a Bonus.It´s good to know u will get something :)
Important for this,go to the live chat support.Dont ask over E-mail.

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