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May 24, 2020
So I haven’t had a trouble with PokerStars for years, probably because I never won a series amount of money, but 5 days ago I came 1st in a tournament and won £3000, before I had chance to cash it out they froze my account with no explanation and said to contact stars support, I have sent over 20 emails with no reply, with a bit of research I found that lots of people have experienced the same thing on trustpilot, Does anybody have advice for me because surely this is illegal

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This is a very common thing now. I know player who had the exact same experience. Did nothig wrong, won a big amount and got a ban.

Pokerstars became very shady lately.
This is interesting. They excluded me because I had an SE with Sky, but not before losing a fair amount of cash. Now, 20 days later and 8 emails including two complaint emails....absolutely zero response. Absolute joke.
Wow really? I thought this was the most reputable site out there for poker , I have regularly deposited and withdrawn thousands of dollars here but I don't have a significant win yet. Were you colluding or playing from different locations or had multiple accounts?

Also, how come the support hasn't responded back to you ? They have always responded back to me in 24 hours or a few days as far as I can remember.
I agree with arjun2001. I've played on Poker Stars for over 10 years and I've never had a problem with support or withdrawals. I would suggest you contact support through the [Help] option only. A cold email will be seen as suspicious. If you have circumvented the rules such as using a BOT, collusion or playing through a VPN the site would inform you not ignore you. My last withdrawal of £5000 was completed in 3 days and Poker Stars recently paid out over 7 Million Euros to a lucky slot player. For the forum to support you we need more detailed information. Hopefully all can be resolved and you can collect your win.


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