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Jun 3, 2004
posted by Pokerstars Manager Lee Jones on 2+2 said:
Hi folks -

Many people have contacted us at PokerStars and said "How can we help Katrina victims?"

One of the people who contacted us was Wil Wheaton, a member of Team PokerStars. Wil wanted to put on a tournament to raise money. Quoting Ernie Banks, we said, "Let's play two!" :cool:

Monday, Sept. 12th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time : $5+0 NLH

Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time: $20+0 NLH

$.01 (yes, one penny) of each buyin and rebuy is going to the prize pool. PokerStars is 100% matching all buyins and sending the money to the American Red Cross.

PokerStars and Wil Wheaton will also be providing cool prizes for the final table finishers.

You can follow the details at

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And if those dates are bad for you - well, go ahead and register anyway. Those people in Louisiana and Mississippi need your help.

Expect to see the tournaments deployed in the next hour or so in the Special section of the PokerStars tournament lobby.

Thank you all for letting us be part of this.

Best regards,

Lee Jones
PokerStars Poker Room Manager

P.S. I just edited this post - it turns out that we can't do rebuy events and keep the rebuys out of the prize pool. So both events are no-rebuys.

These tournaments usually are pretty relaxed and it is a good way to make a contribution for those in need.

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