Pokerstars Home Games: your feedback


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Jun 2, 2016
Hello, everybody! I would like to get your feedback about Home Games of Pokerstars. I want to try, but have a lot of questions and misunderstandings.

For what is it? What is the purpose of them?

Home Games for free? What is the profit for the owner of the club? And what about commercial purposes?

This feature Pokerstars created a long time ago. Something changed since that? Pokerstars improved something in Home Games? What advantages and disadvantages?

How much people can be in the club? And how much club can I join? How many tables can I play? Can I organize tournaments every day?
What about rake, cash out, limits, bonuses, tournaments, and software of Home Games itself?
The main purpose of the home games (as the name itself suggests) is the possibilty for the player to play with his friends like at home. You invite only your friends to the club and voila. If someone plays with friends live games, this is an alternative.

Not about making money

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