Pokerstars: An absolute clownshow


Sep 26, 2021
Just looking to have a bit of a rant.

So, I have been having a persistent issue with Pokerstars deposit limits. Mine was set at 20 a day, but on a regular basis it would renew the next day with some stupid value like £4.

I contacted support and asked them to fix this only to get a response that clearly showed they had not bothered reading my email or looking at the attached screenshot. (They responded as if I was asking for a limit increase)

I contact them again, restating the issue and get no response. Instead when I go to log into my account I get an message telling me I am Self Excluded (I did not request self exclusion). I contact them again about this and get no response. In a way I am kind of glad, as it means I do not have to deal with their shitty, buggy client ever again. Just told them to close my account permanently. They didn't even ask why.

Great customer service! Absolute bunch of clowns.

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I disagree. I have been playing on PokerStars for over 18 years and have never had a major issue with their software, support or credibility. A site, that at one time, played host to the highest stake poker games in the online world has no interest in conning or deceiving low stake players, gambling on poker or playing slots. Self exclusion is just that, a agreement that I believe you entered in to and are now trying to circumvent to continue gambling. I believe this because many years ago I self excluded myself for 30 days when varience was destrying my bankroll. Like any gambler I regretted it shortly afterwards and tried anything I could to reverese my exclusion. PokerStars didn't budge and I served my exclusion. Serve out your time like a man and then get back to enjoying the gamble, don't whine here.


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