Pokerroom Question - Ongame, FutureBet?


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Feb 25, 2006

Can someone tell me what the relationship is between Ongame and FutureBet is as far as the software used by Pokerroom and it's skins are concerned? I realize there are already alot of Pokerrroom skins but who would one go through to license the poker software if they were intent on creating a new Pokerrom skin? Thanks.
As far as I am aware there is no relationship between Futurebet and Ongame (and I would be disappointed if there were because Futurebet has a pretty dicky reputation among players who've had bad experiences with this outfit)

Poker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ongame (which was taken over by Bet & Win of Austria recently but continues to operate as an independent commercial entity) and a member of the Ongame network.

I imagine the Ongame website would have all the information you would need and contact emails.

I've checked out both websites and neither are very clear. I know there is some kind of relationship. It appears that FutureBet has the ability to either license or sub license Pokerroom's software or something. Revolutionary is not the only Pokerroom skin that is or was affiliated with FutureBet.
If Futurebet, and by extention PurePoker is sub-licensing from Ongame and is part of that network, then the picture is actually a little brighter.

Ongame is subject to eCOGRA poker standards, and that means that if you have a legit complaint you can whack in an online complaint to the Fair Gaming Advocate at and seek resolution that way.

I have still had no response from Futurebet btw.

Edit: The reference to PurePoker here comes from another thread on this site where the PurePoker site (also Futurebet) has closed down *temporarily* without warning.

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