Pokerroom locked my account and refuse to answer mails!


Dormant account
Oct 15, 2005
I was wondering if anybody have a contact number for pokerroom. They locked my account 3 weeks ago, because I used the wrong pin on my mobile games. Since then they have ignored all my mails (I sent about 6 through 6 days) and my account remain locked and my funds confiscated.

Really weird behaviour.. They write that they have 24/7 support, but that apperently only aplies if they feel like answering specific request. If you live in the US or Britain you can have live support and phone support, but for us that live in ROW there is only the "I think we will just ignore that mail" Email adresse.

Really steemed of at their behaviour..
I've just emailed the Pokerroom rep. Sorry not to have gotten to your PAB yet.They are a bit backlogged at the moment.

But I am making progress. :D
Hi Bryan and thanks for your help!...

The account has been reopened and support is magically answering all my mails within hours.. Even the bitchy ones ;)

So what can I say other than thank god for casino meister !

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