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I got an email yesterday from Pokerroom saying they are merging with Bwin, what are all your thoughts on this?.


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The transfer process started on March 12 2009 - see below for the Pokerroom statement:

"Transfer to and reap the rewards!

Mar 12, 2009

"The long awaited transfer of accounts to bwin has begun so it time for all you PokerRoom players out there to move across to bwin and reap the rewards!

"To do this, simply log into your PokerRoom account and follow the prompts to the account transfer page where you will also find information about the great incentive package you will receive by moving across to bwin. The earlier you transfer, the better your incentive package so make sure you transfer your account soon!

"At this early stage in the account transfer process there will be a high load of transfer requests, so if you receive the following message;

It is not possible to transfer your account at this time. Due to a high load of transfer requests, we would ask you to try to transfer again in a few hours. Until your account is transferred you are still able to access PokerRoom.

"Please just be patient and try to transfer again in a few hours. We will endeavour to make the transfer process as easy as possible for all players and we apologise for any inconvenience caused if account transfers are unavailable at any time.

"Good luck with the transfer and we will see you all on! And remember the earlier you transfer the better the incentive package .. so transfer soon!"


I got an email yesterday from Pokerroom saying they are merging with Bwin, what are all your thoughts on this?.
I understand that if a player elects to not move their account and keep on playing at pokerroom, affiliates will stop earning as pokeraffiliate will shut down.

If that is indeed correct it amounts to theft.

If I'm wrong please correct me.


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I'm surprised they are sending emails out: the transfer so far has been chaos. I would have hoped they would clear the backlog of problems before pressing on. Maybe they are sure they have cleared the bugs from the transfer process: I hope they have. [EDIT: I have misunderstood, I think. OP has been sent a press-release type email, rather than a mass-mail 'transfer now' type email? If that's the case, I am relieved. :)]

If you do elect to transfer, by far the bulk of the problems seem to have hit people who did not have a bwin account already. I have no inside information, but my advice, if you don't have a bwin account and are going to transfer, is to open a bwin account first, make some sort of deposit into it, set up the b'inside loyalty scheme, then make your transfer. If you play enough, consider going for a deposit bonus as well as the transfer one, but you won't get an extension on the dates they have to be cleared by, so you need to be intending to play a lot of volume for this to be worthwhile.

But even if you don't want to go for a deposit bonus, consider getting the b'inside scheme set up by making a minimal deposit before you transfer. People who have transfered without a bwin account already set up and the b'inside scheme working have run into some permutation of the following:

Cash not transfered. I know of about sixteen cases of this, there must be many many more, and what it means is their cash is still in their PokerRoom accounts, which are closed, so they can't use it. One player has had her money disappear altogether; this was on March 11th, and today she finally got a reply to her emails and phone calls - they told her that her PokerRoom account was empty, so there was nothing to transfer. Obviously she is fighting this decision.

Player points not transfered. Masses of cases of this - it seems like almost everybody who didn't have a b'inside account already set up didn't receive the Market points that the pp were supposed to get transfered into. The knock-on effect is that the b'inside loyalty scheme is not set up, which in turn means that you do not get Market points for the poker you play. You can get round this by making a small deposit to get the scheme up and running, and then wait for your points from the transfer to turn up when bwin support finally reach your email, but if you are going to end up making a deposit anyway you may as well do it first and perhaps save yourself some bother. Bonuses still clear even if you are not getting Market points, by the way. [Maybe it's the other way round - the problem could be that the b'inside scheme is not set up, and the knock-on effect the non-arrival of the Market points. Whatever.]

Inability to log in to bwin. Some people had problems with the password setup, and then found that the bwin forgotten password routine didn't work for them.

Freeroll tickets not being credited. Part of the transfer deal is a certain number of $5k freeroll tickets - many people didn't receive them.

Some people have had to choose a new screenname too, but this is a minor problem imo.

Some of the above problems have probably happened to people who already had bwin accounts too; it doesn't guarantee success. In addition, most people who had tournament tickets have found that the tickets have not been transfered. A few people entered tournaments, then chose to transfer before the tournament and found themselves unable to play, and had to watch helplessly as their chips were blinded away. Some people's bonuses have not been set up correctly, or at all. There are doubtless other issues I have forgotten about.

Under the weight of all of these problems, bwin support has all but collapsed. They are taking more than two weeks to answer emails. There is a telephone number, charged at international rate, based in Gibraltar. As far as I know, the (cheaper) PokerRoom support line is now disconnected. A very helpful (seriously) PokerRoom employee gave me what he said was a toll-free number for PokerRoom a few days ago. It turned out to be bwin's fax number, based in Vienna, and charged at I dread to think what rate.

Anyway, to sum up, so far it's been chaos, particularly for those who did not have bwin accounts already set up. Maybe they have ironed out the glitches.

A little added info, at no extra cost:

If you have an account on bwin, you get to choose which name you want to play under when the accounts are combined.

Bwin uses a system of login-name and screenname. The screenname is just for poker.

You can choose to have your account in one of a range of currencies. When you fire up the poker, your balance gets converted to $US. When you leave the poker, it gets converted back, apparently at the same rate.

No date has been announced on which PokerRoom will close for poker. The new Ongame poker engine is due out shortly, though, and it doesn't make sense to roll it out over a site that is about to close, surely? Sooner rather than later is the general consensus, just not for a while yet.

The PokerRoom Pokah forum will continue. Some reports have it being replaced by a new bwin forum at some stage, but this is disputed.

Europoker is being merged into bwin too; I believe they are doing them both at the same time.

In addition to the problems with the merge, many of the PokerRoom regulars are dissatisfied with the bonus points stopping working every few hours, and lagging very badly. Some claim to find the bwin site horrible to look at and difficult to navigate. The Ongame cash tables seem pretty empty compared to a few months ago even. And the bonuses given to those of us who transfered are said to be not as good as a sign up bonus at many sites, making it a bad deal all round. There is a general air of dissatisfaction at the moment.
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PokerRoom closed for poker today. Quote from the site:

PokerRoom first opened in 1999 as a small home grown Poker site one of the first to offer a no download client and allowing customers to play from anywhere. 10 years later and it has seen it's fair shares of ups and downs.

But the time has come, as of 11:00 CET today April the 14th 2009 PokerRoom and CasinoRoom will be disabled. That means you will no longer be able to play the games. Anyone who has not transferred to bwin will have the option to transfer when they log in.

It's with a sad heart that we say goodbye and close our Poker doors.



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Withdrawals from PokerRoom are no longer possible. People with money left on PR are being forced to transfer to bwin. There are still doubts about the transfer process itself - several people have recently reported being dumped out of the process with a 'technical error' message every time they tried to transfer. If anybody here has money on PokerRoom and doesn't mind transfering to bwin, my earlier advice about first opening a bwin account manually still stands. I'm not sure how much it helps, though. [Open a bwin account, make a small deposit, make sure the b'inside feature has started, go to the tables (this will require making a poker account, which is the point), maybe even play a few hands. Then log out of bwin and go to PR and try the transfer.]

If you don't want to transfer, and just want your money, you might have no choice. Furthermore, first withdrawals from bwin require photo ID, which will be an added annoyance to some people.

The new Ongame poker game engine is unofficially due out in four or five weeks time, although there is no announced official release date. It has been tested on an Italian network, and I am told that there were a few stability issues early on, but that these have now been resolved lol. I fear the worst already, but we'll see.

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