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Apr 7, 2005
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Been playing in for play money, and I think I am noticing something wierd maybe? It seems that certain seats will win consistantly. I've noticed that if I'm sitting in a room at say table seat 8, and if table seat 5 is winning a few hands & I've won nothing for a long time, If I then go to another 'room' / table and pick seat #8 that I will start winning- At first I thought maybe this was just coincidence, but after testing it out for a few days, it does seem to be consistant. I went from $18,000 to $33,000 in a little over 8 hours of play (Not in a row, over two days). This was at the $25min/$50max tables.

Has anyone else noticed this

Can anyone recommend a good poker room that doesn't have spyware in their software? (I'm not saying pokerroom has it, but if they aren't as random in their dealing cards as I suspect they aren't- I don't really care to play there, and would like a recommendation for a good poker place to play online for play money and or real)
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