gone bad?????or not???


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Dec 18, 2004
hi all!! i just wanted to bring to your attention that ever since has "upgraded" my friends and i can't seem to do anything on it now!!! i used to place in the money about 40% of the time!! my friends alot more!! now none of us can hardly even place!! also the cards seem to not be random anymore!my friend told me of one hand that he won with qq. then on the next flop another guy won with the same suit qq and the same cards on the flop and the turn and river!!! same suits even!! what are the odds? now we are saying beware!!! good luck all!! please if anyone knows anything please tell!! we all would like to know!!! thank you!!!!!
Would you believe? all those !!!s and ???s are not actually neccesary. And if you had saved on them, it might lend a bit more credibility to your post.

As it is, I will just classify it as a newbie's first encounter with "chance".
sorry i am a regular guy not a writer!

to the grammer master! i am talking poker not english. i am not a writer. i am a poker player. so your post was very rude to say the least. hmmm... as far as newbie? well i have been a gambler since i was 21. i am 37 as of today. but i hope to see you at the poker tables very soon. i posted this because the odds of repeats like they occur on are not random. so please only remark about not others that post or reply here. malicious and rude post will be reported!!! good luck all and thank you
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Please Mukke - be mellow. We should welcome new members (except spammers) with open arms. !!! and ??? are free to use since they don't take up much bandwidth. Thanks!

happy to see it's no happen just for me ,yes me too i have this bad experience since they update their room.
yes ,yes impossible to win something in my last session. :confused:
I feel the same way. Attention!!! I have noticed that if you don't cash out your cash, it should help your odds. I seem to do fine until a make a withdrawal. I am still paying (with bad hands) for my actions of withdrawing funds from my poker account.

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