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Aug 23, 2004
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This looks like some neat software of giving you a players stats from tournaments at a given table.

Will PP ban a user if he/she utilizes such? Also I saw a software that will show actual stats of the session for players at the table, I can't recall the software, is that actually banned also.

PokerProphecy continues to broadcast messages in chat for softwareon PP if they would ban a user you would think they could ban the broadcast.


Pretty sure all this software is completely legal, all it does is analyse game logs, which theoretically players could do themselves. Odds calculaters like Texas Calculatem are also allowed, in fact I think PP once did a promo with Calculatem.

The one kind of software that is categorically NOT allowed is the poker bots, programs like Winholdem and Pokibot, if they detect you using that software they'll close your account and confiscate your balance.
i believe

I believe pokerprophecy is one of the programs partypoker does not allow. I remember reading accounts getting locked using pokerprophecy.

Poker Prophecy and Poker_Edge are not allowed at Party Poker. They will warn and then close acct.
Poker Tracker seems to be ok though.

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