Pokernow being absorbed by Party Poker


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Pokernow will be merging or closing its doors as it will be absorbed by the main skin on its network Party Poker. Pokernow has been in hot water after Party Poker accused it of violating their agreements by offering rakeback to its players, many lured away from Party. Pokernow still owes it's affiliates their pay for February, March was paid recently. Players money is not in danger as Pokernow and Party Poker players are both banked by IGM, the parent company of the network.

On seemingly a related note Party Poker has now made it so affiliates cannot see the MGR (monthly gross revenue) individual players generated making it very difficult if not impossible to pay players rakeback.

All of this is rumored to be related to a future Party Poker/IGM IPO.
I am not an affiliate but I work closely with many of them. When a player signed up for rakeback they would be given an individual tracker and that tracker would show the MGR they generated. Now the sum of the entire MGR is listed in one place and where the individual trackers are it says N/A for the MGR making it impossible for an affiliate to know what the players generated individually. There was a long thread about this at 2+2 as well as contacts I have had from the affiliates I work with closely. Since I am not an affiliate I have not seen this myself. It appears the ability to pay rakeback at Party exactly is a thing of the past, but who knows this could be a tech error or a temporary thing. I would be happy to be wrong here. Hopefully this does not boil over into other skins if it is intentionally as it appears now.

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