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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
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While I never met him Poker Listings bought a major online poker project from me. This was a terrible shock to the industry and honestly quite concerning. Let's hope the murderer is caught and brought to justice ASAP. RIP Andreas and may God Bless your son. is one of if not the biggest online poker affiliate companies in the world.

We are very sad and shocked to confirm that Andreas Oscarsson, founder of, has tragically passed away while visiting his childhood home in Sweden.

At this point, we do not have any details other than he was found dead in his bed on the morning of August 3rd. He had been shot.

For all of us who began building PokerListings with Andreas several years ago, he was a close friend and we will miss him dearly.

Andreas left the operational side of PokerListings just over two years ago, shortly after the birth of his son, and had moved into an advisory role, drawing on his vast experience to lead the current team when needed.

He was a great source of inspiration and energy to anyone he encountered - at least if you were on the same side of the fence (for those on the other side of the fence, he was a tough negotiator and a worthy, highly respected opponent).

Andreas was a very generous person to those close to him, a brilliant internet marketing guru and a savvy business entrepreneur - always looking to break new ground, and break new records.

He was a true pioneer within the industry; his vision with was to build a world-leading online gambling company. We shall not let him down, and will bring his vision all the way to the finish line in honor of his memory - you can take that to the bank.

Those of us who knew him well would say that most of all he was a warm and loving father.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Andreas' son, family & friends.

Andreas, we will forever miss you.


The Team
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Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
What a total bummer. Condolences to his entire family and friends.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Seconded - terrible to read of such a violent death. Hope his family are well provided for, and condolences to them.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
A little more detail:

Reports from Sweden indicate that Oscarsson (36) was visiting Sweden with his two year old son, when it appears that a person or persons unknown broke into the family home and shot the Internet entrepreneur.

Local police are reportedly uncertain of the motive for the attack, but media reports quoting friends and colleagues in Stockholm and Gothenburg suggest that concrete threats had been aimed at Oscarsson.

Oscarssons wife flew from New York to Sweden on hearing the tragic news of her husband's untimely death.

The English-language Swedish newspaper reported:

"A 36-year-old Swede resident in the United States was shot dead during a visit to his family's home in Trollhttan in western Sweden on Tuesday in a suspected murder believed to have been witnessed by the victim's two year-old son.

"Several relatives, including the 2-year-old boy, were in the house where the man was found dead on Tuesday afternoon, Thord Haraldsson, head of the police anti-crime unit in Trollhttan, told news agency TT.

"None of the man's family members are suspected of being involved in the murder, however.

"The man moved to the United States ten years ago but originally came from Trollhttan and had been on holiday in Sweden when he was shot dead, Aftonbladet reports. He had planned to leave Sweden on Tuesday.

"A forensics investigation has been conducted at the scene and a preliminary investigation has indicated murder or manslaughter," said Robert Edh, commander of the police communication centre in Gothenburg.

"Police have questioned the man's relatives and spoken with neighbours in search of witnesses. A crisis team has also worked with the man's family."