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Dec 24, 2005
I'm not a great poker player so when seeing an offer where you could gain a % of your rake back every month it looked attractive. After doing a google search and not finding any negitive post about I thought I'd signup. At that stage the offer was, signup, get verified (by sending in ID docs) download CDPoker from within and enter your CPR#. At that point they ( would give give ya $20 into your Neteller account to deposit at who would also throw in another $20 bonus.

At signup I received a verifaction email with the usual "click on this link to verify your email", did that. Went through the entire process and sent ID docs, entered Neteller email, and then finally downloaded CDPoker, signed up there and returned to enter CPR# in alocated box with my

Receive email 14 hours later ID doc approved, account verified.

Log back into PokerInside see that Neteller payment pending. Expect to receive this within 48 hours. 72 hours go by no $20. This is where the fun begins.

I send an email to PokerInside support, receive email back, sorry your account is not asscoaite to our database, your not eligable for this offer. You already have a CDPoker account. No I don't!

After getting the same responses back after a few more emails, I decide to forget about it and just chalk it up to yet another lesson.

About 3 weeks later I get offer a generous first deposit offer from CDPoker. Thinking to myself, no one who already holds a previous account would get this type of offer, well not from a decent Poker room anyways.

I decide to write back saying why I wont be playing and leave it at that. I then receive an email a week afterthat from some manager over at CDPoker stating the following:

I have just reviewed your CDPoker account and I regret to inform you that
Pokerinside were not lying, your account does not appear to be under
their name, there must have been a break in the link along the way- which can happen in the net sometimes.

Didn't swallow that for 1 minute.

I then request that seeing this was supposed to be with PokerInside anyway that she just fix the error and assign my CPR# over to PokerInside.

I regret to inform you that I won't be able to change your affiliate, however, I am able to offer you to join our 30% rakeback plan after receiving the whole first deposit bonus amount plus a $50 extra bonus on top of the first deposit bonus.

Ok that's a pretty good offer and something that I'm sure most people would jump at.

But that's NOT the damn issue here. At this point I didn't care about anything other than the fact that I felt like I'd been played for a sucker by PokerInside and was now being feed crap by CDPoker too.

I then receice this email from PokerInside's Gaming Operations Director.

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:36:29 -0800, <> said:
> Hi ,
> It was brought to my attention that you have contacted CD Poker
> regarding your issues with Let me tell you that we
> wish especially hard that all our members could be automatically placed
> under our database so we could offer them the top of the industry
> benefits and rewards.
> Unfortunately, your CPR # could not be found in our database. If you
> notice, your sponsorship ticket has been cancelled, and you should have
> received an e-mail stating the reason for this.
> If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
> Gaming Operations Director
> PokerInside Network
> --

This maybe a moot point. Granted I hold a membership at PokerInside they have on their own admittance said that my CDPoker CPR# is not in their database, hence why the hell Rachel at CDPoker thought it was ok to forward my email to PokerInside about an issue pertaining to my CDPoker account is beyond me. It would be different if my reply to CDPoker (Rachel) was CC'd to PokerInside but it wasn't, even then, in my eyes it's just something you don't do.

Well I then return to google and start finding a couple of fresh leads about other people being told basically the same reason why they are also NOT eligable. Again this was told to them by PokerInside.

At that stage I then write an email to PokerInside, here is an extract of that.

Yes I did contact in regards to this matter. As I'm not
privy to the details passed between yourself & that of the
representative I'm unable to comment.

However I will say that Rachel attempted to explain that sometimes due
to their ( system tagging (downloads being associated back
to the affiliate - in this case it's been known to tag
the software under another affiliates tag in error.

Unfortunately that's not my problem.

If Rachels above scenario is true, I'm left wondering how many other
new genuine players; over an above the few I know about, have found
themselves in this situation.

As I've said to you and in turn told Rachel, I followed PokerInside's
CPA and in turn the click wrap agreement to the letter T. Being
penalised for an error that is and was totally out of my hands is simply

I gave Rachel the opportunity to correct this error, unfortunately she
would not do this.

Now here is the kicker in this one. Not only is PokerInside trying to wash their hands of this, but he then goes on to state something that really blew my socks. The Gaming Operations Director's reply states that I should go to another computer download CDPoker again and signup under another email address. I shit you not!

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:56:59 -0800,
<> said:
> ,
> I understand your frustration with the situation, but unfortunately if
> the database, which we receive from the iPoker Network does not have you
> as a member of our network, we cannot issue you the benefits and rewards
> associated with PokerInside.
> Because database issues cannot be changed, we suggest that you please
> download CD Poker from out website,, using a computer
> that has never had CD Poker downloaded. When signing up, register an
> account with a new e-mail address. I have contacted CD Poker regarding
> the issue and we both want you to be able to receive the RakeBack issued
> by us at
> Please e-mail me back if you have any questions regarding this matter.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
> Gaming Operations Director
> PokerInside Network

Without going into every he/she I said, I did request that both PokerInside & CDPoker compare log files pertaining to my signup at PokerInside and joining CDPoker. If anything this would provide a clear chrolological time line that would should time events and thus should prove what I've been stating all along is the truth.

Again PokerInside would have non of this, and was content to play ongoing semantics use stonewalling tatics to try to derail the issue/s once again.
At this point I wrote a scathing reply. Granted maybe I should have toned this down, but I was soooo frustrated at this point by this guys BS.
Least to say I received an email back stating that my emails will no longer receive a reply.

This email I also CC'd to Rachel at CDPoker

I find your conceptualisation to requests derived from facts, are in
tune with the mindset of a teenager. Though your arrogance does not
surprises me given your ignorance to everything in context.

Your persistent stonewalling attempts (in present terms) the non
acknowledgement & acceptance to log file verifications for instance, is
yet another of your many self defeating non-compus-mendus displays that
scream lack of integrity.

For the lay person yes that means DODGY Xxxx!

Another dodgy factor is based on your insistence for me to open another
real account with to circumnavigate the signup tagging issue

That's unethical and is in direct violation to the Terms & Conditions

I make the direct quote below from Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
(time stamped copy saved to HDD)

"Player Account -
Player Account One personal single account pertaining to one domestic
household address, opened by an individual and maintained with us to
enable that person to play games on our Poker Room or our Online

Further to these Terms & Conditions is clause 8.6
Again located at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
"all details which you give or have given in the process of registering
with the Online Poker Room are accurate and that you will continue to
update such details should there be any changes."

You've encouraged me to commit a DODGY act and put the steps in an
email. Then say your offended by me stating the obvious.

xxxx do yourself a favour, go back to the village they're missing their



PS Rachel I really hope you don't approve of such stupidity? You've got
factual proof in emails that xxxx has attempted to conjure me into
signing up with a new account, which goes against your Terms
& Conditions.

I'm yet to receive a response from CDPoker. Though I'm not holding my breath.

I just want to make one thing clear here, I decide to take a stand on this as I felt that it was just not right. As it turns out there are a lot of things that are in my opinion unthecial and dodgy about this entire issue and the overall operations of both PokerInside and CDPoker. Adding that from my own google searching in regards to others being jibbed by this offer, I felt it was the right thing to attempt to get to the bottom of this matter. Unfortunately that was not to be. Still if this goes to help prevent others from being sucked into this vortex of garbage then it's well worth it.
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1. It's not enough money to worry about. Obviously there is principle involved but dont let this stress you out too bad.

2. CD Poker gets a bunch of complaints from affiliates, I am going to say your affiliate is not in the wrong here. If CD Poker told you that you arent tagged, then you arent tagged. They arent going to lie to you or collude with an affiliate.

3. CD Poker has nothing to gain from assigning you to an affiliate after the fact in their stubborn mind. They will either have to pay him a CPA or a % of future income. Obviously getting 100% of $0 isnt very profitable from them. Most rooms will not retag you to an affiliate after the fact. If you had ever been to their website through another portal its possible you are even tagged to another affiliate and poker rooms will almost never let you switch affiliates, it makes their affiliates very unhappy.

4. If you are dying to play on iPoker try Noble, Titan, Playgate, Diamond Club Poker, and Prestige Poker. I'm sure you can find an affiliate to give you a good offer on any of those sites.


It's not about the money that was so little to start with anyway. But it is the principle, and the fact I'm one of long line of people it's happen too. I'm not really stressing out so much as feeling tilted. Why is it that some in this industry think it's ok to feed players or potential players BS :confused: then have the ordasity to shirk accountability for their own words is beyond me :eek:
I can understand your frustration Trezz. I applaude you for your honesty!

I am an avid poker player and receive many emails with offers that tell me to sign up from another computer and different email address to receive their offer, if I already have an account. Why do they do that? So they can get the CPA from the poker room. So not only would I be being dishonest, I would be costing the poker room extra money and in the process if I did do it (which I never would), I surely would have all accounts locked and be unable to cashout anyway.

I always forward these emails to the poker room, though I rarely get a reply, I'm quite sure they do look into it.
sorrelltop said:
I can understand your frustration Trezz. I applaude you for your honesty!

:) Thanks sorrelltop

sorrelltop said:
I always forward these emails to the poker room, though I rarely get a reply, I'm quite sure they do look into it.

I this case I got in contact with CDPoker who did reply, but. I have a funny feeling that PokerInside is somehow connect to CDPoker and are not affiliates as they'd like me to think. It's just that under normal circumstances and using past experiences any good poker room or casino would not be very impressed with an affiliate if they told me to open a new account. Over and above this, with all the email responses I reveiced from both PokerInside & CDPoker there is a noticable undertone of with both being in cahoots imo.
I must say CD Poker's attitude in this situation surprises me.

If you are looking for rakeback, I would suggest you do it with a poker room that offers it, rather than going through another "rakeback" site. There are several very reputable rooms that do offer rakeback.

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