Poker333 - credit where credit is due


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Having read a number of posts recently about people having problems cashing out from some poker sites, I thought I'd post some good news.

Last month I was fortunate enough to win $550 in the Poker333 freeroll. I hadn't made a deposit on Poker333 at that time. Being a little short of money I cashed out my $550. I feared I would hit problems in getting the cash. It is really nice to report that the cashout was processed without any problems.

So, for me, Poker333 = Integrity.


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Couldnt agree more. In fact,this applies to the whole group as well.


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I am really pleased with poker333. I have had several cashouts and they now flush them for me, and are in my Neteller account within 24 hours. I love the fact that they don't ask for purchase confirmation faxes every time too. I have only had to fax them once the first time, and since that it's been totally hassle free. They also offer regular generous purchase bonuses (buy $100, $40 free) along with the casinmeister free rolls. They truly have been the easiest casino for me to deal with to date and have earned my loyalty! :thumbsup:


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Poker333 is my favourite Poker Room even more so after I finished 3rd in a $4,000 guaranteed tourney and won $500. Cash Out was also very quick.




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Good Going, webzcas! Congratulations! :notworthy


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Wow that is an awesome win. Way to go. Iv'e played in a few poker tourneys and done well. But never that well :notworthy

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