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Dec 20, 2004
The main point of this complaint is what to do about reps on this board just completly ignoring your pms.
My complaint is with chatmaster some of you may remember i got funds confiscated by prima and chatmaster was going to help get this matter resolved well it is now been over a year i have pm ed and emailed him dozens of times even posted in other posts he has commented on but he will not acknowledge myself.
Other posters also wanted to know what happened to funds confiscated by prima and again chatmaster said he would get back to the forum with this information this has never happened.
So if you are now reading this chatmaster could you please acknowledge my existence and let us all know what happened.
I have been patient with this and given numerous chances for a response but you are choosing to blank me i do not think this is the correct way for a rep to behave especially as you are posting away quite the thing on other topics.
Poker333 is part of The Palace Group


Poker333 has been a part of The Palace Group for a good few months now.
I have received your email/PM to Prima Poker and we are working on it as I type.

I will reply to you via email and a PM once we have sorted out what is going on with your account.

Kind regards,

The Palace Group
Ty palace group

Thanks for your help i was not aware that you had taken over poker333. Chatmaster has pmed apologising for not keeping me informed that he i sno longer involved. Hopefully you can resolve this finally.

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