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May 6, 2005
San Diego
what other prima sites like 333 are there?
also, do they send you the 75 dollar bonus for the raked hands or do you have to request it?
Hi samchopra

If you go to you will find the complete list of Prima Rooms. Each of these Prima Rooms are managed completely independant from one another. This means that the bonuses are completely diferent. Go and check it out yourself!
Hi samchopra

Yes this is a automated process. We have an rake calculator on our website that wiill tell you how many raked hands you have raked. Please note that the software gives you all raked hands and not the raked hands as specified in the Terms and Conditions. So please go to the promotions page and look for the yellow link to check your raked hands at the $75 Free bonus paragraph. :thumbsup:

thanks for the response
i havent received my bonus but i checked and ive played 211 hands
its been at least 2 days now...when do they credit it?
my alias is greggraffin if you want to look into it
Hi samchopra

Please go to the promotions page in our website and check again. I can assure you that you have only played 77 qualifying raked hands. You didn't check in the software did you. Because the software gives you a total of all raked hands. Not only the hands you qualified for, for this promotion.
well that is an entirely different story :)
i thought your bonus was a bit too easy to clear
back to the poker rooms for me
thanks for the info

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