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Dec 12, 2000
Online Casinos Set to Take Even Larger Share of Growing Gambling Market
20 Jul 2004
LONDON -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Online casinos are set to take an even higher share of the gambling market, according to Manu Gambhir, CEO of Kismet International which operates Harrods Casino ( under licence from Harrods Ltd.

Without the huge costs of building and operating land-based casinos, online casinos can offer better odds and promotions and are consequently taking an increasing proportion of the regular gambler's spend. Add to this the increasing security of online casinos, especially for those with recognised brand names and a wider choice of games, and you have a cogent proposition for the discerning gambler and occasional punter alike.

Gambhir explains: "At Harrods Casino we are happy to offer La Partage rule in our Roulette whereby, if zero comes up, we will refund half the player's money, cutting the casino's advantage in half, from 2.7% to 1.35%. Smart gamblers will take this bet every time versus roulette that doesn't offer this rule. It has a dramatic effect on payouts, in line with our policy of offering gamblers the best games and best odds. We recently paid out a record 40,000 to one of our lucky Single Deck Blackjack customers - the most favourable game for punters anywhere.

But it is not just about better odds; online gamblers need to feel secure about their stakes and winnings. At Harrods Casino Online they are playing in an environment that they can trust with proven excellent customer service."

Online casinos have had a recent shot in the arm with the surge in popularity of online poker sites and games. Last year online gambling on poker increased from 6 million a day in January to 38 million a day in December.

New channels, too, are also contributing to the growth of online casinos. Interactive television is forecast to generate Euros 1.4 billion in online casino gambling in Europe by 2007. New wireless technologies and handsets will play a prominent part in the growth of mobile gambling, and casino gambling via mobile phones is forecast to reach a global value of $6 billion by 2008.

"Online casinos have really come of age", Gambhir concludes. "Like the phenomenal success of betting exchanges, online casinos have put the fun and the odds back in favour of the afficionado gambler.