Poker transfer? Help, please :)


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Mar 10, 2005
Hey guys (and gals),

I'm having a he!! of a time getting money into *any* poker account, seeing as how I'm in the USA.

If anyone here would be willing to help me out and transfer money to me on UB or FTP, it'd be greatly appreciated. I can get money into my paypal account to send to you. Not looking for much, just $150.

I used to deposit funds into my Neteller account via Visa gift cards, but it now seems those also are being declined.

Thanks much!

Please PM me for more details...
sorry, win.

i don't have an account at either of those.

maybe give mastercard gift cards a shot? mastercard seems to be a bit more loose in such matters.

Interesting...I'll look into it, but I don't have much faith anymore ;)

PS: I'm not limited to those 2 rooms, as long as it's a repuatble poker room.
i was down at the grocery today so I checked to see what sort of pre-paid cards were available.

maybe mastercard is re-tooling as the only card they had was geared for Spanish speaking customers and had outrageous fees attatched. i'll have to check out Walgreens or Rite-Aid as they carry a more reasonable pre-paid mastercard. I have no idea if these would work to fund poker, but MC does seem to be more lax on cow-towing to govts wishes as they need the business.

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