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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all. Any thoughts about online tournament play? Is it a good place for a newbie to get his feet wet? (Among other body parts). I've read where for a minumum buy in, say $20, you get a lot of play.

For low buy in mutli table tourneys I would say PArty Poker is the way to go. The have multis ranging from $5+. These are good experience since the skill level of entrants vary from pros to people who cant even spell poker. These tourneys go from 300-1500 depending on time of day. They also offer single table tournaments from $5 and up. The entry fee for a $5 is $1 so I would not play those there. Another place I would try when you get a little better is Pokerstars. They have single table, 2 table, heads up and multi player tourneys. I play in all of them. The multis start at $50. If you want to play $5 tourneys this is the place. The heads up a 25 cent fees, the others are 50 cents, half what most places charge. These are the 2 largest tournament sites.

Absolute Poker has something most dont. They have 50 cent and $2 single table tourneys. They also offer multi table tourneys in that range. If you are new I suggest checking them out. The skill level in the tourneys are very low there until you get $20 or higher.

If you sign up anywhere let me know first by private message, I will split anything the site gives for referals and have accounts at almost all of them. No sense in wasting a chance for free money. Most places will give $25 to $100.
with regards very low stake poker games .I must mention Victor Chandler rooms . Single tables tourney start at 25c and rise to $100 and multi table tournaments buy ins can be as low as $1 - There seems to be some very shrewd players at this site (or maybe im just not as good as I think I am) But for cheap tournament experience its a pretty good place to start (but don't use bad language -the managers come down like a ton of bricks )
A couple of notes about victor chandler, I dont believe they allow US players but you can get to it from golden palace. The problem is that golden palace has shown time and time again how rogue they are. I played at this room through a skin. Just to get my deposit back after meeting requirements they still made me send in ID, utilitybill etc. My withdraw took 23 days and during their intnetional hassle and stall they sent me "reverse your cashout for a $5 bonus" and other spam BS. The owner of the skin could not even do anything to speed my cashout or stop the spam. Maybe Victor Chandlers side is different but the Golden Palace side has to be the worst online poker experience ever.
I play their with a lot of US players -so theyre coming from somewhere- I have had a few cash ins and have had no problems - the biggest problem is with the server - it cant seem to handle anything over 1200 players - it just crashes and upsets ev1.
The UK site seems sound to me?!??!
I must stick up for Victor Chandler on this one. Their customer service is the best I have come across and the wonderful lobby chat feature is unique - no other sites offer this. They do share the site with Golden Palace but shouldn't be tarred with the same brush.

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lamornababe said:
Hang on - you are in Gibralter - and so is VC

Just a bit too conincidental.........

Isn't it just :) I live in Gib and consequently get some good inside info from the poker industry here. I also play on the VC site a lot (have done for 9 months) and cannot recommend them highly enough for their tournament play and free rolls (more than any other site out there).
Victor chandler is a respectable bookmakers in the uk with thousands of outlets nationwide

im not sure what theyre association is with Golden Palace but VC have a good reputation
Yes VC has a great reputation. Their relation is with the poker room. There are endless skins for the poker room and it appears although I am not positive that GP runs the back end of this room. Maybe it is just the backend for the skins and GP. There are endless slowpay complaints about that poker room. I do not know of any no pays though. My pay took 23 days through a skin that GP defiantely ran the back end for. As for the room they have great freerolls but GP took all my freeroll points away after all the complaining I did during my 23 day wait. My account is now closed.
Tournament play is the best way to get your feet wet IMHO.

Anyway, tournaments either tend to grab you after a while or not. The most important learning experience is chip count, know who has what and when to pick on small stacks and when to to move out of the way of the big stacks.

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