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Apr 27, 2008
From: snip
Sent: 2008/04/21 19:56:39
Subject: dear jorge Below the REAL reason I topped GOOGLE

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>To: <[email protected]>
>Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 12:43 AM
>Subject: RE: unhappy with your response, hope the kgc or the
>stop your fraudulent card use?
>> Hello Michael,
>> Luis is going to be away from the office the next two days. I will be
>> happy to answer your questions over the phone.
>> It is past midnight for you right now. Please let me know when it would
>> a good time to call you on Monday. I will be available from 3:00 PM
>> late at night your time.
>> I will be looking forward to your reply.
>> Best regards,
>> Jorge
>> PokerStars Security
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>> From: snip
>> Sent: 2008/04/20 18:15:50
>> To:
>> Subject: unhappy with your response, hope the kgc or the commission,can
>> stop your fraudulent card use?
>>>dear luis,
>>> Glad to hear you have opened up my account, You was wrong
>> shut in down in the first place,as I told you many times, You poker
>> allowed a fraudulent visa card, when you knew it was fraudulent, on to
>> account, then suspended my account, No explanation from you, accept a
>> glitch, you say. No apology from you admitting your mistake, No
>> that this wont happen again and again to others,No compensation to me
>> taking me out of four games which of all I could have won, and in one of
>> them I had a big stack of chips. You just sent me back my buy in, well
>> not happy, about any of the above and will not use my account until this
>> matter is fully investigated by the proper authorities, Also you say you
>> recommend I use only my personal bank card on my account,So should every
>> poker star player do the same, Every other poker site only allows this
>> their rules, Why is it not yours? You say please let us know if I have
>> any further questions, YES many, will you answer them?
>>> Question, When I emailed you hundreds of questions, why did you not
>> answer them? Did you call the police? Did you notify LEADCARES bank of
>> fraudulent dealings? how come his bank didn't stop the card? Why are you
>> the only site that allows anybodies bank card on anybodies account? How
>> come you failed to pick this issue of a fraudulent card earlier?Why
>> poker site I ask say a known fraudulent card can not be used again yet
>> allow it? Why did GRAIG tell me to stop using the word fraudulent,
>> it was poker stars that called it fraudulent in the first place? and why
>> did he say it could not happen on poker stars when it clearly did? HE
>> says its simply not true? Why was I told constantly to send or fax over
>> LEADCARES documents, ? when you knew I couldn't do this,? Why was I told
>> to stop sending over emails to cashier,or support,did you not want them
>> know about this fraudulent issue? Why did you constantly tell me that
>> you wouldn't answer my emails anymore regarding this fraudulent issue?
>> what have you got to hide? why was I constantly told until this issue
>> with LEADCARES account is resolved your account remains closed theres
>> nothing you can do,?Have you resolved this with LEADCARE yet? Why was I
>> asked to provide a copy of my bank card after you knew it was no longer
>> use? why did you treat me as a criminal in this matter? When did
>> card first get used on your site? Did the fraud accure then?
>>> How did the worlds number one poker site allow this to go this far? You
>> earn millions of dollars yet you cant send a representative out to sort
>> out the truth?
>>> YOU SAY please let us know if I have any further
>> questions, YES I have but above is twenty five questions you can answer
>> first,

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>>>From: "" <[email protected]>
>>>To: snip
>>>Sent: Thursday, 17 April, 2008 12:35:50 AM
>>>Subject: RE: Fw: Your account
>>>Hello Michael,
>>>Thank you for confirming the information on the phonecall that you
>>>I've reviewed the situation that happened with your PokerStars account
>> and
>>>based on the standing that you have with our company and the explanation
>>>that you've provided we have taken the decision of reopening it again.
>>>It is important that you understand that we recommend that you only use
>>>credit cards at your account that belong to you. This recommendation
>>>avoid inconveniences in the future.
>>>I have sent your account to the correct department so they can review
>>>issue that happened with tournaments 81876070 (FreeRoll, 50FPP NL
>>>Hold'em) / 81874916 ($1.00/$0.10 NL Hold'em) / 82577282 ($4.00/$0.40 NL
>>>Hold'em ) / 81874920 ($2.00/$0.20 PL Omaha Hi/Lo) since your account was
>>>closed minutes after you registered into them.
>>>Your account was reopened, you should be able to login and play.
>>>Thanks for your understanding. Please let me know if you have any
>>>Best Regards,
>>>Luis C
>>>PokerStars Security

Danny Lewendon

1:23pm Apr 22nd
i will send it too all my freinds for u no worries Michael Lewendon

3:51pm Apr 27th
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Sent: Sunday, Apr 27 2008 6:49AM
To: Customer Service []

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To: PokerStarsSupport <>
Sent: Sunday, 27 April, 2008 11:47:54 AM

Dear poker stars
Its came to my attention that you have at least 3 other glitches in you security system, Would like to tell you about them but I'm afraid I will get accused of them, So I have reported them to the KGC and the Commission At least Then you can explain to them how these security issue glitches keep occurring, By the way you told the KGC Lies about me and my account, with what happened with all this, Will you say the same when asked why you lied, (It was a glitch in our system) Guess you was right, the KGC or the Commission cant stop Poker stars doing whatever they want to do, Why when you phone me do you withhold the number? Why do you refuse to give me your last name? Whats the problem? you got something to hide or is it your way of denying any contact, no proof, guess so, You told lies to the KGC about me, The KGC know you told lies, I sent them proof, I hope they revoke your licence, your a Company that tells lies to the KGC and gets away with it, How do you manage to do that, I have decided to inform all the cc issuers, banks and like to your Glitches, and the lies you have said about me in the hope they might be able to stop this fraudulent issue, IF the cc companies refuse all poker star transactions then I guess the Glitches will stop, Only the future will bring the answers to these proposals, Would you like me to inform you of all the Banks and cc company's replies regarding, you lies about me, and the glitches in your security systems?
I reckon with my help poker stars will be a much safer place for its members regarding fraud, don't you agree?
By the way, I lost over $20000 on your site and Im not happy with the goods I receiced , So could you send me my monies back as soon as possible,
all the best booker4 michael lewendon

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From: PokerStarsSupport <>
To: snip
Sent: Friday, 25 April, 2008 2:38:03 PM

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, we have to forward the email to our security department as
they do not receive any emails that are sent to this address. For future
reference their direct address is [email protected]

We hope to arrive at an acceptable resolution to this issue at some point
in the near future.


PokerStars Support Team

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From: snip
Sent: 2008/04/25 06:33:14

>dear poker stars,
> You allow known fraudulent bank cards to be used
on your online poker site, You allowed a visa card that you knew was
fraudulent on my account, Then you suspended me, booker4 Time and time
again, I've emailed you about your fraudulent visa card use, Each time you
emailed me back with: its been passed on to tom dick or harry: Then
you told me to send you every document I own, even told me to send
documents that belonged to LEADCARE, You committed this act by your
SECURITY, What Security, How did you allow this to go this far, You are
aware that I have informed the authorities that deal with complaints
regarding fraudulent card abuse, and they gave us time to sort this out
between us, But still you you believe that the commission or the KGC cant
do anything that might bother you. Does POKER STARS believe their SECURITY
TEAM are THE UNTOUCHABLES, Use fraudulent cards time and time again,and
get away with it. I can't believe why poker stars, the biggest online
poker site wants this brought before the courts, Why didn't you turn this
around by saying, sorry, thanks for bringing this to our attention booker4
here's an all expensive paid trip to Vegas for you and your wife, plus a
WSOPseat, all first class, I've lost over $20000 on your site, and if you
were a high street shop I would be asking for my monies back as im very
unhappy with the goods Brought, Somebody in Poker Stars needs to do whats
right for the customer and poker stars,
> Best regards michael lewendon, booker4
> ps will send copy of this email to KGC and Commission

Michael Lewendon

3:51pm Apr 27th
you ok danny
Danny Lewendon

5:33pm Apr 27th
Im alright mate i can see your still plugging away trying to get something sorted
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Jun 15, 2007
Ok, I'm majorly confused here. Can anyone make sense of this?

Please start from the beginning? What happened?

No, I dont want the long version, im dizzy.

1) Booted out of 4 games
2) Mix up over using different credit cards
3) Security staff not available (for 2 days)
4) Not happy about account being closed during tournies.

I think he's just a bit wound up. Sometimes its better safe than sorry....Im not sure of the tourney compensation rules at stars


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Jun 15, 2007
Did someone hack his account and use a card in someone else's name?

Im guessing 2 peoples cards have been used on the same account. I accidently deposited into my friends account from home using my own card so it is possible, and I think that should be tightened up on


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Jun 15, 2007
This thread is a complete hoax.

Someone must have lost money to michael.

I did a bit of checking. Too many things dont make tally up


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Apr 27, 2008
earlier email to poker stars

Dear poker star manager,
Please get off tour high horse, admit that your security allowing fraudulent bank cards to be used on your site time and time again is wrong, Below is anoter poker site that would not allow this to happen, in fact i can;t find a site that allows this fraudulent action to repeat anywhere, The bad press your hell bent on recieving over all this, is all down to the man in charge, arrogance, Why cant you see or say sorry, Change your security regarding bank cards now. Stop this happening to other poker star players now, Its against every other poker sites rules to use fraudulent cards, Yet you allow it to happen again and again, while you know its fraudulent, its wrong.
But because a small time punter like me, points out a mistake to the great man in charge, he does nothing other than refuse to answer my emails,If i was in charge of poker stars this issue would have been sorted as soon as it was pointed out to me. SO would any manager worth his wages, I hope your staff are asking you why you insist in poker stars getting bad press,
You know that your going to change your system of fraudulent bank cards soon because ive pointed this out to you, so be a MAN ,say your sorry, thanks for pointing this problem out booker, we have opened up your poker account, have a nice day. If you dont then I will carry on telling the poker world of the treatment you have dished out to me, with regards of poker stars allowing these fraudulent bank cards to be used on other poker star players accounts, while you knew there was a security question about the card.
BOOKER4 michael lewendon


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Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
@ Booker4

Please refer to the forum rules when it comes to posting complaints;

When you signed up in this forum, you agreed to abide by these.

Also, if you chose to post a bunch of emails without some sort of synopsis, don't expect much of a reaction. Personally, I don't have time to decipher your meanderings, and neither to most of the members here.

Cut to the chase and explain your problem directly to the members here in three coherent sentences or less, and you'll get somewhere.


Dormant account
Jun 15, 2007
what else would you say, TRY telling POKER STAR MEMBERS, ONE ACCOUNT ONE CREDIT CARD. see how many dissapear from yer site, And have a guess WHY,

You will also see a reduction of fraudulent transactions, chip dumping, money laundering, banned players re-entering the site & underage gambling.

You should only be allowed to use a card registered in your own name, that is a no-brainer.

Same name, multiple cards may indicate a problem gambler who is running up debts, throwing a mass of money online and going bankrupt.

There are several payments you can use at stars, bank transfer, credit card & neteller. Using all three wont get your account blocked.

I think with all financial transaction sites should be cautious, to protect themselves and the players. Strict compliance is a necessity, as is privacy.


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Apr 27, 2008

Pokerstars support is the best in the industry. It is now a well known fact. I have personally experienced it and I can say it is true. I am positive that if you email them and clearly state your problem they will be able to help you within a couple of hours.

Also keep in mind that asking for identification is a standard protocol and they only do it to protect the customers against fraud.

cashier fine support nice people, security different ball game, Couldnt run a piss up in a brewery, rude , arrogant, thick, THE UNTOUCHABLES,

catrina m

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Feb 8, 2007
US of A
I play at pokerstars, I will play only there or bugsy club. They pay if you win and answer your emails promptly.

I have not experienced any problems except the miracle rivers when your all in and way ahead, but i'm not complaining (wink)


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Apr 25, 2006
did you know that the CC was fraudulent ???


I mean u r goin on an on about poker Stars
an Bodog how much did you know about the card
before it was used on your account or accounts??

something just dont add up