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Feb 16, 2011
Hi All,
I'm new here and was wondering if anyone knew of a poker site comparison engine. I want something that will tell me where the best bang for my buck is and that might incorporate user ratings too. When I search for poker sites all I get is the affiliate sites, which are just one big banner add. Does anyone else have this problem? What features are important to you when looking for a poker site?

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Oct 1, 2008
If You`re looking for bonus comparison dont bother I didnt find such site and I dont think one exists. Every poker site has multiple affiliate exclusive bonuses and only poker sites themselves are aware of all such bonuses. Unfortunately You will have to do this yourself.

If You`re looking for rakeback comparison it will be a little easier because if some site belongs to poker network then all the sites on that network have same rakeback percentage. On the other hand just because some network has same rakeback on all sites it doesnt mean that You cant find better deal, again, through different affiliates because some of them have exclusive rake races, chases, freerolls,etc.

If You`re looking for kickback comparison it will be same as the bonuses, hard to find some site with correct data because kickbacks are usually not imposed by poker network and every big poker affiliate has different deal with poker sites and there isnt a site that could provide You with all the deals.

If You`re just looking for information about traffic on certain poker site, poker network, google "pokerscout". They track player traffic on every poker site, or at least every relevant poker site/network.

Also, it wouldnt hurt to visit or google through that forum for any particular site before deciding whether to play or not. There are rogue poker sites as well.

p.s. (sorry if you know this already but it will save you some time if you dont, use advanced search options in google or just type " poker site name/what you want" to narrow google search to that site only)

Hope this helps a little.


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Oct 1, 2010
When you say user ratings do you mean user reviews or player ratings? Eg: are you trying to determine the softness of the games or the value of the bonuses?