poker site class action


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Jan 22, 2010
There is a lawyer named Michael Munro who is investigating potential consumers complaints in respect gambling or gaming on PartyPoker's website as well as on any other online gaming website. If you believe that you have a case against an online poker or gaming website then contact Michael Munro at or on his main website
Thanks for the information. But I don't need to call him because I am confident about not tangling myself into any trouble.


Btw, was the question-post a scam?

yeah, I think the best way to excuse yourself from trouble is by reading a lot of information/reviews about the website you're gonna deal with before signing up and/or heading to reputable scam reporter sites to check if there were previous cases that made consumers gone mad. Playing is fun, but it's even more fun when you're guaranteed the site you're playing from is safe. :)

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