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Mar 18, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
i just read the CM news article on Absolute Poker's royal flush promo for the Gumball 3000 rally. they're going to give 1 card to each car and if the cards from the top 5 cars make a royal flush, they will pay one million plus another million to charity. So if my math is correct, the value of such a "generous" offer is less than $3.50. That's right. Three dollars and fifty cents.

I'm sure Absolute must do other good works which are more noteworthy, but this offer sure is weak. It sounds to me like they're using this charity to promote themselves at the price of less than a Happy Meal.
What a poor offer there. From a huge company its a bit mean really.

Im sure they paid $50 to an insurance company anyway just in case lightning strikes and the royal came off.
$3.08 actually. I can't buy a happy meal for that where I live. Well maybe if i hocked the fries.

Gotta hand it to their marketing department, though, it worked. Even got free publicity from Casinomeister.

But "lame" was my first thought as well.

And "lame" will be what everyone thinks when the first card shown is a 6 of clubs. Haha!

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