Poker Name, Do You Get My Handle?


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Jan 11, 2005
The online name I usually use for poker is JoblessJoe. But nobody ever gets it. They always say things like "get a job" while im raking in there pots. But really its kind of a play on words. It implies I have no job, yet im playing poker, so by default I become a professional poker player. Get It!

I find that you dont need to much deception when choosing a name. Names like mine that mean something to me but probably absolutely nothing to other people. Or a name that keeps evreybody guessing like Bluffer. Some people say well his name is bluffer so hes tight, others say his name is bluffer he wants me to think hes tight but hes loose. And others will just call you down if your over bet the pot since your name is bluffer. Whats your names and why did you choose it?
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Your the infamous JoblessJoe who goes around every crypto table several times daily posting... SPAM!!!

When im multitabling and see your message appear on one table I type "Here comes JoblessJoe" in to another tables chat and get the whole table in fits when your message then amazingly appears soon after! :D :D
I see your constant spam from the "observer room" all the time at Crypto sites. Pretty pathetic.

Get a job. :(

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