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Feb 22, 2001
Poker Anyone have any info on these folks, as we can't get any sort of response or information out of them and there does not seem to be too much on Poker Pulse.

Pokeraddict - any idea what network/software they are using?
Some interesting comments in there from the Poker Mountain rep, who does not sound like the marketing man on board, but appears to be an employee of the software developers. BTW are they still in Beta? They seem to have been tweaking things through December and this month as they went along.

Example:"I can tell that the main investor is a mega-multi millionaire, as well as being one of the most highly respected names in the poker community. He also has several wealthy friends who also have a large stake, their reputations are worth far more to them than their investments. They have already made a heavy commitment on the development side, with much more to come as we start to roll out our promotions and advertising. Also remember that Daniel Negreanu chose us after turning down many top sites over the years, he, and TJ, did that because of their faith in the people involved.

"I'll try to answer anything I can about the site, but it's probably going to be impossible for me to convince you that we are legitimate, I think that will just have to come with time as we start to prove ourselves."
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What a response, this was from Greatbrit at 2+2? That paranoia is almost worth a cross post at the zoo. I tried them out. They have a 100% up to $500 bonus. To work this off you must play 10 hands raked at $.50 or more per $1. A very high bonus qualifier. It does not expire so there is not much risk. In the matter of 15 minutes the software crashed twice. When it did run it was average at best in every aspect. I did not get my bonus on the deposit so i emailed support....

I just noticed I do not have a pending bonus when i deposited $500, why not? The points i have will be applied right? Your software needs LOTS of work! My username is Jimbeam.

The response....

Dear John,

Thank you for playing with us at We very much appreciate you contacting us.

100% Deposit Bonus (up to $500). Free cash! Poker Mountain will match your initial cash deposit by adding the same amount into your account. The only condition is that the matching bonus will be released to you (to put into play or to withdraw) as you play at Poker Mountain. Specifically, every one hundred hands that you play (with rake of $0.50 or more) will release $10 into your account. Each dollar that you pay in tournament fees will count as eight (8) raked hands played.

Be sure to check out our website at
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for details about our current promotions including free-rolls, and free giveaways!!! Again, we thank you for playing at the friendliest poker site on the net, and we wish you the best of luck at the tables.

- Poker Mountain Support
PS-Remember...... No pants required!

Didnt quite answer my question did it?

I withdrew my money. MAYBE after they get their act together and their software working properly I wil give them another shot. The games were below average in quality but I had my cashout instantly.
I should also add that the rake was the worst on the net. It is exactly the same as Party and Pacific. Only an expert short handed player is going to win here until it gets busier. It is one thing when Party Poker charges a bunch because of all the fish but when you have very tight low quality games and excessive rake it will be hard to get players in, especially with the software they are using.
Thanks, 'addict - as always your expert view is appreciated and adds to the background on this Poker Mountain site.
Yea even with the likes of Negraneau lending his name to the site, I still don't see it flying.

I got 50 bucks in it so I may play. But I don't look forward to it.
Well OK now that I have tried it out for a week here is my opinion.

1. The $500 100% bonus works off relatively quickly. If you do not like it there you can cash out and your bonus will not expire.

2. Cashouts are instant. There was a bug that stopped this for 3 days but it seems to work now.

3. Games arent as tight as most start up rooms.

4. Abover average stats and cashier functions.


1. The suits on the cards are very hard to see. This is the only room I have ever had to use a 4 color deck as spades and clubs are almost identical IMO.

2. Graphics are REALLY bad. The best description I have heard is that it looks like an old Atari game.

3. Client crashes on me a lot. Especially when I open another poker room while running it. I have never had this happen anywhere else.

4. Small blind in 3/6 is $2. I have never seen a $2 small blind in 3/6, it usually $1.

5. Wait list does not take you to table or pop up when your seat is ready. It only flashes on the main client. If you are doing other things on the computer such as playing at another room you will easily miss it.

6. Rake is exactly the same terrible rake as Party and Pacific without the fish.

7. Lack of games.

8. When waiting for big blind software will often ask you after every hand if you want to post. ANNOYING!

9. Players trying to clear bonus 3 table. No big deal except many of these players have no concept on how to 3 table and the games are very slow because of it.

10. Software allows you 30 seconds to post a blind. The standard is 7 or so. Causes unnecessary lags all the time.

11. Non North American players cannot deposit.

I sound very critical but this software needs a bunch of work. How can you exclude non North American players from your poker room and expect to get off the ground? Should have left this in beta to get the bugs out. I will still play there to work off the bonus. Once everyone has whored the bonuses expect it to become a ghost town unless major changes occur.

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