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Mar 4, 2011
Any one of you in here who could share their own knowledge on some poker facts?
I mean those that are not noticed but is an important factor in playing poker.
Or something unusual on poker rooms that you have experienced.

copied from a web page

Fun Poker Facts

Fun Poker Facts - Little known facts about the game of poker

So, you play poker... whether you are good or bad, win or lose, I am sure you do not know all of the following fun facts. These facts are pretty interesting to know for any type of player.
Playing cards were invented in China.

At least 65,000,000 Americans regularly

A fifth suit was added in 1937 but never caught on because people had to buy all new decks
At least 65,000,000 Americans regularly play poker

Dead mans hand is Aces and Eights

Getting dealt 10,2 is referred to as Doyle Brunson because he won back to back World Series with the hand.

In the 1800s, 2,000 to 2,500 riverboat gamblers played poker on American Waterways. By contemporary accounts, no more than four of these poker players were honest all the time. A straight beat a flush at this time.

Las Vegas Casinos are not legally obligated to pay off their gambling debts

Due to French influence, Spades represent Royalty, Diamonds represent Merchants, Clubs represent the peasants, and hearts represent the clergy.

Edmond Hoyle lived to be 97, but died 150 years before Poker was invented.

Playing cards were introduced in Europe in the 1300s

When Columbus landed in 1492 in North America, his men plucked wide leaves from trees, drew pictures on them and played cards.

Historians generally agree that Bill Hickock was a lousy poker player.

Groucho Marx got his name from carrying his poker money in a "grouch bag"

Former President Richard Nixon won $6,000 playing poker in his first two months in the U.S. Navy during WWll. That is roughly equal to $42,640 in 2004 dollars. He used that money as well as more poker winnings to finance his run for the U.S. Congress in 1946, which he won.

The earliest known game of texas holdem was played in Robstown, Texas, in the early 1900s. The game was brought to Las Vegas by a group of Texan gamblers and card players, including Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson, Crandell Addington, and Amarillo Slim.

This article was written by Michael Gersitz, an online poker player who owns the site! Visit his site for more poker articles.
Ei thank you. Never know this before.. But it kinda adds to my knowledge.
What more? I have been bored this past few days and I am thinking what interesting topic should I write for my blog.. :)

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