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Feb 22, 2006
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This was about 4 or 6 years ago, but I recall a news broadcast (Local news in Portland, OR) which they showed a group of guys who played online poker and someone had found some software, which showed the hands of the opposing players..

I was curious if anyone heard of this software or knows of it?

No, I don't want it, cheating is no fun as it's nifty to not know they opposing hands and to SCARE them into folding :)

But I am posting this as I sure would hate to be playing and be whipped by some scumbag using this sort of thing.
The poker experts here will have more detailed knowledge, but recently there was a fraudster spamming various forums and known poker players with a scam along the lines you suggest.

I've spoken to several people deeply involved in the poker sector who's opinion I trust, and they tell me that (a) this is highly unlikely and (b) that they knew of several gullible players who responded to the spam and never saw their money again.

Just another day on the Internet....

If you're talking about playing bots, that's a whole other (and often contentious) subject that is better addressed by the poker guys.
You read about this poker cheating sw regularly on sites dedicated to poker. There's always some trusting soul (and obviously a lousy poker player) who heard about this miracle software and wonders whether it really works. From what i was told part of making the sw work is you need to have the IP of the other players at your table. So just imagine how well it will go over if you ask in the chatbox:"hey, gang, may i have your IP so that i can see your cards and cheat you".

I think the only people who get cheated are the ones who actually buy this sw. Poetic justice! :D
Also the actual downloading of "cheat software" could be a virus that lets the software supplier see YOUR cards, which would be poetic justice really.
nafanny29 said:
Also the actual downloading of "cheat software" could be a virus that lets the software supplier see YOUR cards, which would be poetic justice really.

Yep, there's plenty of backdoors that could be installed in this situation..and do plenty more than just looking at your cards.
It is true

There is software out there that allows you to see other players cards. However it is not in the way you imagine the software actually allows players to play as a team with them knowing the hands of the other players in the team. It is not the case that you can see any players cards that you choose but only the ones that have signed up to play in this team. However the person touting this could just as easily tell you the players whose cards you could see without actually telling you that they could see your cards as well. So technically they didnt lie to you in that you could see other peoples cards and just let you battle it out between yourselves with you both knowing each others whole cards. This software is just a more up to date version of people telling each other over the phone or using msn or any other instant messanging system what cards they have. The software can then calcualte the % of times the team should win the hand this type of play is extremely succesfull and profitable at high stakes limit tables and usually the teams will hit and run between sites rather than play for a long period of time at any given site. Most sites have security in place to scan your pc to try and determine whether you have this software in place or not however this can be overcome by running a second pc alongside. So basically this software is of no use unless you wish to cheat as part of a team and it is unlikely that you will be invited to join any of these such teams that are already operating extemely well and generating very large sums of cash.
That sounds suspiciously like collusion to me...and there are serious consequences for that.

The spam reports I have heard about involved a claim that through some unspecified technological wizardry the (gullible) user would be able to see the hole card of the opponent/s.
Those cheating softwares is usually only cheating on the person who buy them. However, as have been pointed out, it is possible to use malicous software to see what those infected by it see on their screen. This could be used to see your hole cards but more commonly to steal your credit card number or various passwords. Therefore, make sure your computer is virus and spyware free on a regular basis.

Also the actual downloading of "cheat software" could be a virus that lets the software supplier see YOUR cards, which would be poetic justice really.

True dat. I have also heard reports about such software in cracked versions of pokertracker floating around on the internet.

The reason it sounds suspicously like collusion is becaue it is collusion but if your wanting to know what other people cards are means you are gonna cheat so doesent really mater what the technical name for it is lol . Its true that there are penalties to be paid if you are cheating which is usually funds being confiscated. I have yet to hear of anyone being prosecuted in any way for being part of such a team. However these teams only need to get away with it without being caught once to be in profit and from then on be using others money. So the rewards far outweigh the risks. I know personally of one team who are operating out of and office having already paid for all equipment buisness rates and charges etc for the next year in advance the amount they stand to lose if all caught in one hit is minimal compared to what they are making on a daily basis. The other option of the backdoor software viewing what cards a certain individuals cards are then using this to win money from them is almost a non starter. The effort and time it would involve to either write this program or obtain it then gain access to that pc then play against that person and take all there funds would not be worth it. Even if you were able to gain access to a high rollers pc and play against him you would have to think that they would be bright enough to stop playing at a table where they were getting beat and more than likely beat by the most unbelievable hands. It would therefore be more sensible to take his credit card details and try and get his funds that way rather than by knowing his cards. However credit card theft is more likely to get you a criminal record. The simple fact is there are many many cheats out there playing poker so you just dont have to beat the rng but also the cheats but it is gambling after all.
There was a software called Win Hold'em that could be used in "team mode" so that everyone knew what each others cards were in the team, helping each other tremendously. It was also supposed to be able to be used as a bot. Party Poker knew about it and blocked it to the point of even having an internet explorer window open with Win Holdem in the title bar would give you a message giving you 2 minutes to close it before you were kicked out.
I wonder if the OP is talking about when a few players cracked Planet Poker around 1999 or so. This actually did happen and quickly was repaired. Planet was the first online poker room.

All of the other claims and spam are for the most part are garbage. Maybe there is software to see cards in live teamwork, as pointed out above this was a winholdem trait that got nailed on Party and lots of people got banned and had their bankrolls seized. These were bots though, not live players. I have never heard from anyone I know that these programs work. They are surely just ways to scam Neteller, Paypal or credit card details/payments.
I can just see someone asking a question in the strategy section along the lines of....

I have AQo UTG and 66 on the button, whats my play here :lolup:

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