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Mar 31, 2006
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- works in IE7 and firefox

Seems like the first show to load is Week 3 / Mondays show. Or whatever is the newest show. The shows are updated daily Mon. - Sat., after shown live on the air. The video is great quality and the video player is very funtional.

To watch the weekly shows in their daily order, go down and start with Mondays show.
Load Mondays show / or the week 1, directors cut, then all remaiming segments / shows load on their own, in order, which is nice. No reloading the player.

The directors cuts are highlights of the previous five shows / SNG. And show on Sat. night.

Players in the directors cut - week 1, are Phil Hellmuth, Steve Zolotow, Gus Hanson, Annie Puke, Huck Seed, Sean Sheikhahn.

Players in the directors cut - week 1, are Doyle Brunson, David Grey, Mike Matusow, Jerry Buss, Gabe Kaplan, and Daniel Negreaneo.

Week 3 players are Doyle Brunson, Jaime Gold, Johnny Chan, Carlos Mortenson, Chris Moneymaker, Chris Ferguson. All WSOP ME winners. What a lineup.

Six shows in a week, Mon. - Sat..
Tournaments are a $20k / 6 max / sit n go. I think they may be winner take all. Seems very much formatted in the same vein as the old BBC Late Night Poker.

Hope you folks in 'meisterland, enjoy this show as much as me.

Championship Week continues. With Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, Carlos Mortenson, Chris Moneymaker, Chris Ferguson, and Jaime Gold.

There's 26 bracelets, at one six player, sit n go table. All the players are World Series of Poker, Main Event winners.

Today will probably be the last day to catch the whole weeks episodes. When they put on tonights / Monday show. They take the weekly episodes down and put up a directors cut of the week.

New shows updated daily.

All killer - No filler - poker tv with no commercials. It is actually preferable to watch it on computer, as you avoid all the commercials that way.
Hubby and I really enjoy watching this as the actual show comes on at something like 3 a.m. here. And we can watch it -- commercial free --on the computer whenever we wish. I must say it is an amazingly clear picture, even when you take it to full screen.


Ok, cool they have new shows out this week. last week was a rerun of week 1. Also cool is that they seemed to fix the automatic loading feature of the new segments. With this feature it is actually better to watch it on the PC than the television.

This weeks line up is as strong as ever with : Howard Lederer, Chad Brown, Gabe Kaplan, Mike Sexton, and author Michael Konik.

Since my last post they have added Directors Cuts for two weeks of shows.
Director's Cut: Week of Jan. 29 - Players at table: Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson, Erik Seidel and Jennifer Harman
Director's Cut: Week of Jan. 22 - Players at table: Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Sam Farha, Tony G and Andy Bloch

The show is aired on NBC Mon. thru Sat., usually at about 2:30 am. Support this bitchen new poker show folks by watching it live when you can.

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