Poker Addict in the WSOP


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Jun 16, 2004
north fort myers, fl
I was looking at the tourney standings for the 7 card stud tourney and found a guy's name that is familiar to all. They posted his real name of course but we all know him as pokeraddict. He is in the money, but doesn't have a lot of chips left.

Good luck PA
Congrats Addict! I know i speak for the forum when i say that we really appreciate all of your insights re online poker. Please give us a "blog" about your experiences at WSOP when you can. Thx.
Hi everyone, thanks all for the support. After being the chip leader for a while it was a bit disappointing to go out 14th but never having played a live tournament I certainly can not complain. The 14th prize was $4875 and there were 595 entrants and 1st paid $157,000. I must say that being at the same table as Men the Master and Paul Darden (he sat next to me for at least 2 hours) was a pleasure. Beating Darden on a big pot was the highlight. I will post more later. I just got back in town and need to catch up on everything.
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