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Mar 1, 2013
Hi all!

This is an idea I have in my head for a few time and I want to know if this can be something fun for here.
Before playing slots I dedicated a lot of time in playing online poker.

And with a lot of time I mean a LOT of time! I work with tourists during the highseason and have an extra large vacation during the winter.
Now, believe me or not , in comparation with my play in casinos, with poker I am a bankrollnit. I never played above my bank because I will never ever bust my Pokerstars bankroll. I always played micro MTT´s up to €10 but the most between €2 and €5 euro. Studying strategy, even bought videos and I was sure this was where I was born for! Now I have to admit I am not born for poker. Ahhh... those younger days.

In the time I played a lot I was a very active member of Pokernews. That was fun because you can sell a part of your action.. In change people who bought %% watched me playiing and I posted all keyhands and busthands. But now I live in Spain, and the spanish (Pokerstars)pool is seperated from the rest of the world which made it impossible, or at least difficult to sell some of the action.

Without this the fun of playing poker is boring. I want to share my experiences and I feel much more motivated knowing people are behind me hoping I win to get their share.

So I went playing back at casinos again which I love ofcourse but I do miss the pokerzzz. I just play a few tournaments once in a while and thats it. Nobody to share with.
Now, I dont want to propose to implement a stakingsforum here but is it interesting for some people here to invest a few bucks in a nice tournament schedule I will play as a sidebet for you guys?

Dont expect millions. In 8 years of poker I am nearly 4k up, so a bit of a waste of time but 1 big hit...!!!

I have no idea how people look at this. I just miss the days with a whole week of pokertournaments scheduled for the community.



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Jun 19, 2009
In my head
I don't think that this is the place for your kind of idea. I know there is a poker forum here but that is mostly advice tips etc about poker. I am sure though you can find a venue elsewhere for this idea. I wish you luck with it:)

Edit: you could try Twitch as I know it's popular among Blackjack players so I am sure poker would work there too. Twitch is a live stream environment. Anyway it was just an idea
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